leave me alone


  • Death

    leave me alone

    When my shades are down,
    don’t come around.
    Don’t call on the phone,
    I won’t be at home..

    The lights are down low.
    There’s no one inside.
    Seems someone I know,
    it seems someone has died.

    Now we must move on,
    now that you’ve gone,
    and now we must pray,
    that you’ve found your way.

    The morning has come.
    Say goodbye to the night.
    Now this story’s done.
    Now here comes the light.

    Leave me alone, the lights are down low.
    Leave me alone, there’s no one inside.
    Leave me alone, someone I know
    Leave me alone, someone has died.

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    cmlestrade commented on leave me alone


    Great expression, do gooders often just don't understand that sometimes people want to be alone even in their despair. At a recent retreat when all some people wanted was solitude, there were those needy few who just could not understand the concept of being left alone. This great piece of writing will most likely create a variety of reactions. For some it is better not to be alone and go on with life and for others alone time is needed for healing. I'm in the later group.



    If I can help in any way , just ask, seems we never get used to it , we just get used to putting up with it. My condolences. Thanks Ms. cmlstrade.

    kyma63 commented on leave me alone


    I can feel what you are trying to relay to others, I've there more than once. I only visited for awhile and I've learned theres more to life that grieving and letting life go by. I liked the picture you depicted with your choice of words. You've expressed the feelings of moarning well. An Awesome piece of work. Kyma63



    Thank You Kyma, Life is so precious is it not? My heart goes out to you.

    Charlie23 commented on leave me alone


    I like this one. I'm sure many have been here at one time or another. This is a great write!



    Thank you Charlie.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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