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                                       Inside my domain every-one's there
                                        Within my brain thoughts're there
                                        Flows of past and present revolving 
                                        Circulations of thinking driving me where

                                        Days are passing with same searchingly incidents
                                        Birthdays making us reminiscence of events
                                        As more and more nearer to the destination
                                        Higher and highers the expectations for destiny
                                        Every new-year new resolution's made
                                         Everyone want change of something
                                         Others talking about leading prosperous ways
                                           But few're there who may be fulfilled

                                         In the room full of differ humans
                                         In the limited space with differ conclusions
                                          For me I'm lost in the wider identification
                                      For most feeling alone in the massive  inclination

                                      Many may approved some mayn't like
                                      You're alone within your own self.




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    redbloodink commented on Alone


    I feel alone some times... A different human being I may be... But the same , flesh and bone.... driven by blood...... The I have come to understand the true and only living God Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit is within me so I am never realy alone.... For He laughs and jokes with me....... And I try to entertain Him and I know He just laughs at all my sillyness............... red




    gogant commented on Alone


    A testament to the one who seems to exist not within the hoards.....all, or at least most, of us have been there.................g



    TY for comment. Inspiring words of compliment.

    SallyLoBurgio commented on Alone


    With this poem you were able to put on paper how most people probably feel! Thank you -- enjoyed the read.



    TY for liking.

    ginga commented on Alone


    jyothi, A poem that arouses one to realize that there is a sort of competition or keeping up with the Joneses' attitude as each year passes. The subject of the poem is a humbler soul for accepting their own lot but can also know that loneliness often is inevitable too. An introvert's thoughts I appreciate. ginga



    TY for liking the poem and apprectiate your way of thinking.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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