Lost in wonder


  • Confusion

    Lost in wonder

                               Everyone's there for you to feel you're  not alone
                               Each little things make you aware of it's existence
                               Every sound gives you reminding of natural feeling
                               Even smallest livings're there for soul and appreance
                              Fulfillment and commitment's every one desire
                              Struggle and hardship for new horizon of happiness
                               Loneliness and together for some physical formness
                               Material desire and lust named as love to be gain
                             Do you know how much you're fulfill ?
                             How much you're prepared for more ?
                             What's your idea of searching some?
                             How much's necessary for your need?
                             I'm lost in wonder of world with some thoughts
                              So every one may feel the same in lifetime
                              No end of innovations and inclinations
                             Reach for the right directions couldn't be found.



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    redbloodink commented on Lost in wonder


    The great ?'s of life......... What is it about or for...... Well it's about God...... and Him comming in the flesh as Man.... Jesus Christ was His name...... What did we think it all was in vain.... I once did I thought life was about me.... I supose I was wrong...... red



    TY for comment.

    gogant commented on Lost in wonder


    A lot of questions go unanswered, but we keep wondering, and asking.......hey, we might not get the right answer, but, what does it hurt to inquire..............Lovely verse, JY........................gogant



    TY for comment.

    kdarcy commented on Lost in wonder


    Without questions, we do not live to find answers. Love the concept and the title, nicely done, be well k



    TY for awesome comment.

    Olan01 commented on Lost in wonder


    A good poem, which asks questions of ourselves and life. Well done. Love, peace and freedom, Olan.



    TY for thoughtful and inner touched comment.

    lunamarie commented on Lost in wonder


    ohhh sh** ...... these questions are making me nervous ... haha! ..................



    NO need to be nervous,sometime we should ask these questions.Thanks for comment.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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