Me and My friend


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    Me and My friend

         Me and my friend two aren't seperated with each other
         Me being lonely,dishearten and worthless at time
         My heart shows the path

         I'm nervous,don't know what to do?
         Being my friend it talks with me,gives support for coming days
         Living in the world of uncertain,it's only one who had taught me the life
         No one's here who understand me
         No one's here to wipe my tears
         Then here's my friend who  stops me for being volatile
         I'm being more affected by outer world
         Then it's shows inner side of world
         Saying relations're for certain time

         Why 'm I worry for some one?
         Who can't always be my.
         Who's not born with me?
         Willn't die with  for me.

        Till now if I've listen  to my friend
        Even strong wind can't blow me up
        Wasting  time,losing energy for selfish people with limit thoughts

       Oh! my friend be with me 
       When i've lost in the middle of despair
       Lead me the right track 
      You 're only one who'll perish with me
       Give me transformative thought
      To be happy within myself.



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    jammaekas commented on Me and My friend


    some says, no man is an island..everyone needs a friend to lend on, to share your thoughts and feelings with..though not all friends will understand you..important thing is you value them as you value yourself:)



    Thanks for lovely comment.



    you're welcome jyothi:)

    Bettysrainbow48 commented on Me and My friend


    You must love yourself first, you can depend on you when you know what you are doing. Your soul and heart effects others by the way you act. If you can depend on yourself others can depend on you.Love yourself , others will love you back This is what I see in your poem. You are your best friend, treat others the way you want to be treated ,they in return will treat you the same.You like yourself, you are a good person. I read this in your poem .Good write A little wisdom dwells in this one.10.



    It's always fine to have comment from you.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

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