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    European World

                           A world of difference of adequate similarities
                           An decent ways to expose its   differences
                           The places of Chapels and Cathedrals and Bridges
                            Peculiar Sculptures and living now statues
                           Planned cities with man made roads and castles
                           Centuries old  countries but still firms and stiff
                         Now we see places of prosperity and happiness
                         Highly fashionable and conscious mass with
                         Paying more taxes and worthy future
                         Working with systems,rules and regulations
                        Each country with proud history and war
                        Some conquer here and some there
                        Civilizations ruling from timeless efforts
                        El-equate and manner's their perfection
                        World wonderment's there to explore with unique moment oms
                       Tourists enjoy lots of merriment's and cultural s attractions
                        Expensive living but worthiness achievement feels
                       Different languages and money with own originality
                      It's correct saying Rome wasn't build in day
                        Ancestors had sacrificed their blood and effort
                       To make better for their heirs and suffer a lot.



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    redbloodink commented on European World


    I think every country as you said has blood sweet and tears..... I've always wanted to visit Europe...... Egland, France, Roam and Paris...... Well many more as well...... But if all I ever see is the USA that will be ok.............. red



    TY for reading,it's great excitement to travel Europe.

    WordSlinger commented on European World


    I like this a lot, I like how you end it, very much inspiring, ty WS

    Hampton commented on European World


    A very philosophical write that shows clearly that we may be seperated by miles and different cultures but that we are remarkably alike in the end.

    ginga commented on European World


    jyothi, Your expressive voice says so much about Europe and its culture. ty for sharing your impressions. ginga



    TY. for reading.

    Olan01 commented on European World


    Nice poem, my friend and as if you have just toured Europe with memories fresh. Olan.



    TY. Yes,I've spent one month there recently.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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