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Hi everyone,
My name is Doug Frazier and I've been writing poetry since I was a senior in high school. My poetry tends to reflect the experiences of my life or those who have affected my life. Alot of what I write has been experienced by you, as well, my fellow writers. I've recently moved to Alaska so life is kind of crazy right now. I hope to have some new poems posted soon, so keep checking and I'll do the same for your poetry.
Thanks and keep writing Doug


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gotta love me some roller derby!!!! My aka, Bella Beatya!! Paper valley rollergirls!!



You might like my poem, (Primal Desires), It's similar to yours

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Thank you so much for your comment!I loved reading your work look forward to reading more when i have time. and yes im the worse at grammar and spelling but still love to try lol! hope everything is going well on your end keep up the good work! Thanks again Lovinsmind

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Wow! its was so great to have a lot of poems that won. YOure Great!!!

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I wish you a very blessed and joyous beginning in this New Year... May God hold your tender heart in his gentle hands eternally..Judy

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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Title Comments
Gone 2
My Cover 2
Little Pieces Of My Heart 1
In a Perfect World 0
Listen 10
The Little Things In Life 3
You Stole My Smile 3
Death 1
Have Nice Day 3
Embrace the Challenge 0
Engraven Heroes 1
Little Pieces Of My Heart 3
Upon Arrival 1
Plain Paper Wrapper 1
Gone 4
Poor Battered Child 2
When the Rain is Silent 2
The Flu 0
Time 0
Love Me With Your Heart 4
True to Yourself 4
The Test Of Time 3
Primal Desires 1
The Wanderer 0
Hero of the Rodeo 2
Turn Around 2
In a Perfect World 5
Passing Memories 1
Inner Peace 0
Time to Live Again 3
Combat Zone 4
I Know 3
Driving Her Out of My Mind 4
Remembering Christmas 3
She Wolf 3
One Way 2