Heaven's Beach


Heaven's Beach

Heaven's Beach

so very vast
this inland sea
whose width and depth
release for me
the smallness
and fear of trying

just be

I could sit here
watching her waves
wearing a prayer shawl
of peace...

be still

this timelessness
whispers so calm
of acceptance
healing and balm
a heartache; a crying

just be still

this "heaven's beach"
a haven found
time breaks here
on the very ground
a glimmer of heaven


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SavVySam commented on Heaven's Beach


Your last stanza in this wondrous work is sheer perfection! I detect a kindred soul...;)



Thanks again for taking time to visit and read. Your words are inspirational!

WordSlinger commented on Heaven's Beach


I have never sailed before, but this write, brought me images of sailing the heavens sea, ty WS



Thanks again, for commenting, much appreciated!

countrypoet commented on Heaven's Beach


The wonderful use of metaphors,smooth rhythm and vivid imagery help the reader to visualize such a wonderful place. The ebb and flow to the words has a soothing effect as a person reads it.Well done!



Thank you, I am so pleased to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks!

tierra7 commented on Heaven's Beach


BEAUTIFUL! i i love the beach, as i was readin' this i was visualisin' the contentedness that would wash over me while walkin' barefoot in the warm sands of a beach.. such an adrenaline rush havin' crashin' waves baptized my feet...thank you for this touch of Heaven..very sublime....Blessings be yours, T-7



Contentedness, that really fits this one. I thank you for taking time and for your comments... much appreciated, thanks!

mamasan commented on Heaven's Beach


Ah I am reading and listening and I hear you and even see the prayer shawl and I take it and add a prayer while watching the water ebb and I am transfixed by the lulling of the waves......gosh this got my brain juices going.....great read for me....good picture...



Thanks so much for taking time to read! I always love seeing what others have to say. This is one of my favorite pieces, so I am glad you enjoyed it.

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