born of chaos
born of pain
we search for healing
all of us

Puzzling words,
or shape and color,
into healing...
into art

Filling the void
smoothing edges
we seek
to lighten the load

Can there be
a poet not wounded?
An artist... whole?

Life is slippery
we miss
the mark
falling often into

Creation heals
poets make
a path for peace
even words of silence
can heal

Making art of
daily existence
we mend
our brokenness

Easing bruises
soothing hearts
by our lives

Is it pain that drives
Is it misery that turns
the wheel of form?

Not always so,
but when it does
we build gain
out of trouble
transcending it all..

"...not all who wander
are lost..."


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SavVySam commented on Muse


I absolutely love this! You are so very right....on all fronts! I sure wish that fickle Muse would remember my address, it has been a while! Thanks for this lovely work my friend!



Thank you, Sam! What a lovely comment... much appreciated!!

knight4696 commented on Muse


Bloomingsun - You hit the nail on the head with this one. You capture the essence of every poet. We all write for one reason or another ... I agree with T7 - I too love the phrase - ...not all who wander are lost.. I do this a lot - sometimes intentionally :) Great Job! .... Ken



I do agree that we write for a reason, whatever it may be for each individual and indeed for each piece. I am grateful for your words...

tierra7 commented on Muse


Brilliant! bloomingsun i you are a remarkably gifted writer/Poetess. i can sooooo feel you on this one.... i have always liked this phrase "...not all who wander are lost..." i do a lot of that...unintentionally ~smile~ thank you for such astoundin' words of tapestry...well deservin' that 10+ ...Peace & Joy T-7



Thank yoy, Tierra, So glad you liked it. The quote at the end is one that perfectly describes the way I think, I call it deliberate wandering. Thanks again!

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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