No one promised you would be happy,

Yet we find ways to be so every day.

family, friends, and purpose keep despair at bay.

with heads buried in the sand we cannot see.


No one promised you would be rich,

Material things will not give you joy,

cars, houses, and money don’t fill the void.

though living with nothing can be a bitch.    


No one promised you unconditional love,

no two people will fit like hand to glove,

Understanding is the thread we weave,

            to knit the fabric of what we believe.


No one promised you tomorrow,

every moment unredeemable time borrowed.

Live, love, dance and sing,

            For we know not what the sunrise will bring.


No one promised you would be alone,

            Not ever when we are broken by trial,

we are not destroyed but tempered by fire,

            resolve forged into unyielding stone.


You cannot be a victim if you never give in,

            throw off sorrow and face challenge with a grin.

What others promise us is not what makes us whole,

            only when we let it does misery capture our soul.

Give to others but to yourself be true,

            with each kindness we remake ourselves anew.

We must keep one thought a top the shelf,

            always keep the promises you make to yourself.

Bryan David Lang


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JacLiz2 commented on Promise


A beautiful poem! This poem gives strength to those with a broken heart, and to those who were betrayed by others. Please feel free to leave comments for my poems at :

sexysasha commented on Promise


this poem is sooooooooooo nice i love it please keep on writting



Much more where that came from, thank you for your kind words.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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