• Lost Love


    Release me from the rage of your leaving.

    Release me from the pain of knowing you are with him.

    Release me from memories of dreams shared, dreams lost, dreams dashed and destroyed.

    Release me from remembrances of every embrace, of every warm kiss, of bodies entwined.

    Release me from questions of what might have been,
    questions of what should have been,
    questions of things left untried.

    Release me from doubt, from regret, from the longing for a bond broken by lies and betrayal.

    Release me from the ache that flows from the deepest chambers of my heart whenever I hear your name.

    Release me from the guilty feelings when fascinated by another.

    Release me from nightmares of you, from days of solitude, from the fear that destiny has passed me by.

    Release me from the purgatory of self-doubt, from the claws of misery, from second-guessing.

    Release me from the desire to give in to despair.  

    Release me that I may live,

    Release me that I may be found,

    Release me that I may open my heart, and give fully of it.

    Release me!

    Bryan David Lang

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    Worthless commented on Release


    Sounds like the same shit i'm dealing with but with an Asshole that God calls men, which are only little tiny immature disrespectful Asshole's in a giants body that diceive's everybody...!!!!



    Wow a little hostility there, still I can understand it, went through my phase of all women are vile, deceitful, trolls. Hope yours has a better outcome than mine, and thanks for the vote on the poem. P.S. nice bike.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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