My Love For You


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    My Love For You

    My love for you will never die.
    My love for you will never end.
    My love for you will always be true.
    My love for you will never be knew.
    My love for you will be held on tight.
    My love for you will be day and night.
    My love for you will never die.
    My love for you wont make me sigh.
    My love for you will be nothing but pride.
    My love for you is all I can say.
    My love for you is everything, ok?

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    susanthewinner commented on My Love For You


    We all have been there experiencing losses and pains, but you are so young, such deep writing, I am very impressed. Keep writing, read some of my poems when you get a chance. Good luck with your dream to become a professional writer. You can do it.



    Thank you those are my ambitions. Thank you for giving me such aspirations.

    longshot582 commented on My Love For You


    thanks, i guess your right there's no point in clinging to hope. i guess im just not meant to be happy with her, she is my best friend and helps me when i need it most. most importantly she can help me see the better of myself even when i couldn't on my own. ill just remain her friend, and swallow my feelings for her, even if that means me being unhappy. there's no point in ruining someone elses love for my own happiness, i love her to much to see her heartbroken all because of me.



    that is very altruistic of you. Just move on and most of all SMILE! and be optimistic :] everything will be favorable.

    longshot582 commented on My Love For You


    but i cant forget about her, even tho she dosent like me at the moument. whenever i imagine myself happy its with her. if only you knew her then youd understand she is everything any guy could ask for.her eyes just make me melt everytime.



    You do not have to forget about her, just try to be more of friends instead of more than friends. You are allowed to be happy with her but if she is taken then there is no point in wasting your time waiting. That is very intriguing and ambrosail but do not wait for her if she is already in flame with another. Just realize that anything can happen, she may not be the one. So just give it a chronical length and who knows maybe you will discern another women. Very best blessing to you and your love.

    longshot582 commented on My Love For You


    thanks ryley, your poem helps me understand my feelings for a girl that is very dear to me... now i know i love her, the words in this poem are exactly how i feel about her thanks again,,



    Anytime longshot582. I try to make a difference in the world even if its one little thing at a time. Helping people is what I was born to do and if I can do anything that is in my capabilities to help anyone I am willing to do it. I am glad that I can help you understand your feelings and just know that whatever the world may come to, that someone will always love you, whether is be a brother, a sister, a lover, or just a friend. Everyone has that specail person that they will marry and grow old with so please do not dwell over that one girl if she is not the one for you at the moment. :]

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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