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sk8erpoet profile comment


land of the living , but whos to say we are all alive, huh? haha heya

girlygirl1234 profile comment


Well holy smokes look who it is?! how the heck have you been i didnt even know everyone still comes on here and checks on everyone. I literally just got a computer unfortuantely my phone wont let me get on this site.

jj1562 profile comment


more mature questonable in chat ur are quite the 5 year old but either way we luv ya ninny :P

Dancer022597 profile comment


hey sorry my computer's being wacky and wont let me respond to ur pro comment on mine lol im good sadly im on crutches at the moment and even though i made the volleyball team for my hs i cant play this season but its all good. so yeah im great hbu



im great =D since last we talked i have gone through like 3 girlfriends but now im with an amazing one that i plan on staying with, im sorry about the crutches btw, and just altogether, im a much happier person then i used to be lol, but yea, im doing great and now working on getting ,my classes done to work my way towards being a computer technitian =D

babygirl4028 profile comment


Check out my Poems please(: I would greatly appreciate it(:

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

Ninjaboy’s Poems (61)

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Title Comments
a simple apology 0
Life goes on 1
What happens to them? 0
for you 1
never forgotten 0
you 2
we should be 1
the future 2
I miss when 1
Island breeze 0
broke 0
the sad reality 1
Eh big guy? 3
My Law 2
Silent Destruction 1
The Darkest Truth 0
my own hell 0
10 months and counting 0
Never the Answer 0
hiding 1
Your Sword,Shield, and Armor 0
I know 0
This is the Night 2
the poem of many things in one 1
Together 0
life 0
free 0
War 0
Young solider 2
Broken 0
Grow Up! 1
No Lifeing 0
Conflict 0
Flaws 1
I Try 0
The Soul is Eternal 0
Reality Blows 0
My Never Ending Fight 0
Vale of Flowers 0
Words that describe you 0
Goodbye 0
Your Love 0
A pleasant Dream 0
Evil 0
fight for love 1
missing you 1
Truths Unspoken 1
the poem with no name 2
the light 1
Cuddle Munky 1
Worries 1
Love stew 4
Another chapter 1
Grandfather 2
Kaylee 0
Impossible Dreams 3
The Daffodil 3
Why 3
Questions Unanswered 2
Fairy Tale Hero 1
The Funeral 2