Confusing Love


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My son has grown so much

Confusing Love

Mixed Emotions Filled With Thoughts Of Love And Hate


In My Mind Its A Debate, I Need A Clean Slate


State The Facts And Let The Truth Be Known


Feelings Of Love And Happiness To My Heart Are Unknown


Rarely Shown, I'm Thrown Into A Black Hole With An Alternate Life


Where Love Is Hate, & Hate Is Life.


One Without Tha' Others Not Possible, So Think Twice


Seen Through My Eyes


Tears But No Cries, Love Is What I Despise, But Sometimes I Compromise


So I Disguise My Heart, From Tha' Start..


My Hearts Purpose Is To Love, Know That Feeling Was Sent From Above


Some Believe Love Is Just A Feeling


If That's The Case Why Isn't It Revealing?


We Know When We're Mad, Happy, Or Sad, But When It Comes To Love


Its Like A Fad, We Think We're In It Then Tha' Next Minute We're Not


Only To Find Ourselves Caught


Struck Down By These So Called Feelings Which I Find Meaningless


None The Less Its Seeming Less Than What Our Minds Define Love As.


A So Called Feeling. Love Is More Than Just A Feeling


You Can't Touch It Or Hold It, But When Your In It You'll Know It.



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BrokenHeart2009 commented on Confusing Love


A very true feeling about love. I have kind of wondered do you know you are in love when you are in love or do you realize it is love when the persons leaves you??? I think this poem is thought provoking, just a thought what is love???



My son was speechless thanks for the kind words

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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