My Person


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    My Person

    I'm Sorry, I seem 2 have a small problem with authority, consider me never apart of the majority. Or minority either 4 that matter.
    I seem 2 be part of an undetermined, unnamed part of society.
    I'm that box checked as other, descendant of a black dad & white & Cherokee mixed mother. If there is a 99% chance of something to occur,
    I'm that 1% chance of being not 4 sure.
    I make a point 2 be not the same. Angel a.k.a. queen bee is my name. Legally insane, illegally mundane.
    Always the one they random search b4 boarding on2 an airplane, bus or train 2 long winded 2 be asked 2 explain.
    I’m the one that's abnormal but falls short of being eccintric.
    I'm 2 unstable 2 be specific.
    Complicated yet simplistic, gee aint I terrific?
    I don’t take well 2 following orders yet I question my every move.
    Always feel even when I have not that I got something 2 prove.
    I’m bumpy yet smooth.
    I’m uncharted territory that's my story, so I'm sticking 2 it.
    Almost had it but I blew it.
    Not psychic but I knew it , 4bidden but I still do it.
    It’s true I go against the grain but still I flow down like rain.
    Domesticated but wild & untamed. Not quite proud but never ashamed.
    I’m hot & cold but never warm. I’m never part of the norm. I wont conform, yet refuse to run a muck. I care but still don’t give a F--K, law & order & the cops. I only make California stops, at stop signs.
    I color in & outside of the lines, but still I make a beautiful picture, a masterpiece.
     I know not the meaning 2 stop & decease. I take away as I increase, please don’t try 2 label me or disable me, though I receive disability.
    I'm admittedly a liability. Don’t F' with me.
    I can’t be controlled, bought or sold, borrowed or stoled.
    I broke the mold after I was made.
    I'm sunlight inside the shade. I'm sanity & mad & crazed.
    I'm touched with sensitivity though I'm feeling ruthless & unfazed.
    I'm criticized & praised. Part of the fraternity but never pledged or hazed. Don’t be amazed, by my uniqueness 4 there are others who are like me.
    We chameleons in your community. We're slaves but free, we are among those whom you envy.
    We deal with unwarranted jealousy, 4 who we are and be, outcasted from society.
    Please 4give me, I'm so sorry, I have a small problem with authority and reportedly, I'm not listening 2 what your telling me, yet I just refuse 2 simply obey.
    So here's a quote 4 your reporter, Get off the field, there’s no time left in this quarter. Game over.
    Call another witness, Clear the courtroom cause my persons out of order.

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    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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