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Taken from the first chapter of the book of beginnings, Genesis, and thousands of years later confirmed by Jesus himself in Matthew 19:4,8 and Mark 10:6 and Mk 13:19. Blessings, Whiskers


"In the Beginning God created

the heaven and the earth",

hanging earth upon nothing

and laying the foundations of its girth.

Let there be light divided from darkness

was Gods communiqué,

day and night, "evening and morning"

God proclaimed, "The first day".


Let there be a firmament, midst the waters

an atmosphere if you please,

a gaseous oxygen vapor

simply airs earliest history,

dividing the waters on earth from waters above

a greenhouse effect conveyed,

God called the firmament heaven

“evening and morning”, "the second day".


God gathered the waters into seas

and made the dry land to appear

bringing forth vegetation complete

after its kind, was made clear.

All earths plants herbs and trees

were Gods good fragrant bouquet,

“and the evening, and the morning“

were proclaimed "the third day".


Let there be lights up in heaven

to divide the day from the night,

the greater light to rule the day

the lesser to give the night light.

Garnishing the heavens He made the stars also

for signs, seasons, years & days,

and creating constellations...

“evening and morning”, “the fourth day“.



Great whales and all sea creatures

and winged fowl, after their kind

created God with souls, He blessed

be fruitful by design.

The first of living creatures

with a conscious life have they

and the “evening and the morning“

were proclaimed “the fifth day“.


Then made God all domestic, wild

And crawling animals, to live on land

but as the crown of His creation

"In our image", created He man.

Male and female, eternal in spirit

like unto God himself,

highly blessed with dominion

over all God's earthly wealth.


In marriage, be fruitful and multiply

God commanded to fill the earth.

and every herb bearing seed and fruit tree

will to you, be your foods worth.

To all the animal's on earth

God gave every green herb, for their buffet,

everything made was "very good"

“evening and morning” were “the sixth day”.


The “seventh day” God rested

Blessed and Sanctified eternally,

For in six days man shall work

and on the Sabbath rest fully.

"Thus the heavens and earth were finished,

and all the host of them“

Perfection in Creation…

acclaiming a Royal Diadem.

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In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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