The Ancient Mazzaroth (Biblical Astronomy)


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I was encouraged to place this work on here by another poet so here it is. This is by far my largest work, epic in length, but strove to keep it very simple short and to the point concerning each constellation. I also can't list associated scripture's, ancient arabic/chaldean/etc star names and meanings, archeological discoveries, the ancient legends associated from ancient cultures, or the diagrammed celestial maps associated with each constellation. Although concise and simplified, it still required 248 lines to complete. I hope this doesn't scare you off because if you have any interest in astronomy or the Bible, your patience will be rewarded with an intriging God honoring alternative theory to the arrangement and meaning of the constellations we see. Keep looking up, Blessings.

The Ancient Mazzaroth (Biblical Astronomy)

Stars high in the heavens speak

in constellations as we sleep,

their ancient meanings within these signs

reveal Gods message in the night skyline:

The Gospel in the stars foretold

around the north celestial pole,

how God would redeem His human race

defeat the devil and send him to "his place",

So ancient man was without excuse

before Gods Word was introduced,

based upon records from antiquity

we'll learn what early man could see.

Where do we start in Gods celestial book?

the riddle of the Sphinx begs us a look:

In an ancient Zodiac in the land of Egypt

the Sphinx is placed between the signs : Virgo & Leo,

thus connecting two ends of this heavenly scroll

is the head of a woman with body of a lion of old,

Start with the virgin and end with the lion

when compared with the Bible - fits these heavenly signs,

Born of a virgin, live and die for all men

conquer death once for all, and come back at the end;

This prophetic promise which the Holy Scriptures span

God spoke by "His Holy Prophets Since the World Began"

Virgo "the virgin"

would conceive

and bring forth "the Branch"

to be received,

Coma, the child

in the virgins lap

the desired of all nations

to bridge the gap,

Centaurus, two natures

human and Divine

laying down His life

to save mankind,

Bootes, the strong man

coming in Triumphant Power

to reap and Judge the earth

in His coming hour.


Libra, weighed and found guilty

mankind condemned

but put Christ in the scales

and we are redeemed from sin,

Crux - the ancient name

or Southern Cross as called today

to suffer on, conquer by

+ give us life - Gods plan was laid,

Lupus, the victim

to be slain for sinful man

life with power to lay it down

and to take it up again,

Corona; a Royal Crown

won by Jesus in His death

at His second coming; Lordship -

every tongue shall confess.


Scorpio - "the Lawless"

in great warfare to destroy the Jews

finally wounds Christ’s heel at Calvary

but will three days later lose,

Ophiuchus - "the serpent holder"

the great healer and physician

defeats "the lawless" known as Satan

in Resurrection exhibition,

Serpens - "accursed old serpent"

who stole dominion from early man

is restrained + bound + cast down

by the Victor - Gods own Lamb,

Hercules - "the Mighty"

"the head of him who bruises"

with His foot upon the dragon

beaten serpent, Satan Loses.

Sagittarius the centaur archer

riding white horse with Great Bow

King and Lord goes forth to battle

making war, conquers the foe,

Lyra, "the Harp", on which to play

Song of the Lamb

Exalted by all creation

Praise Thy Power - Alleluia again,

Ara "it is finished"

a burning pyre "the alter" spills

"Lake of Fire" prepared for Satan

in outer darkness - scripture fulfilled,

Draco "the great dragon"

the destroyer, the bowed down

Trampled, cast down from Heaven

the god of this world he is found.

Capricornus - the sea goat

half - goat besides half - fish

the atoning sacrifice dying

for the Redeemed of God - ICHTHUS,

Sagitta - the unleashed "Arrow"

from "Gods Bow" in Holy Wrath

to provide for mans sin-offering

in Christ's heart - will stick fast,

Aquila - the eagle falling

struck, while wounded in the heel

natural enemy of the serpent

will through dying : death repeal,

Delphinus - the dolphin - Leaping

from the waves + billows of death

raised for our own justification

"the firstfruits of them that slept".

Aquarius " the water pourer"

"let him that is athirst come"

believe and receive living water

the Holy Spirit of Christendom,

Piscis Australis "the southern fish"

secured to Christ our conqueror

receptor - to whom all blessings flow

that great body of believers,

Pegasus " the winged horse"

"the branch" "who goeth and returneth"

swiftly getting out the Gospel

thru His Church and Holy Spirit,

Cygnus - the Glorious Swan

"the Lord or Judge to come"

bearing the Cross your fate is tied

with Christ what have you done?


Pisces "the fishes"

the seed of Him that comes

old testament Saints in Heaven

while Redeemed Saints follow the Son,

"The Band" bonds us to Satan

fallen: born in bondage to sin

Redeemed: Christ holds the reins

as we now belong to Him,


Andromeda "the Chained Woman"

man-ruler and Bride of Christ

though now weak thru sins affliction

we'll rule, than judge in Paradise,

Cephus the Royal Branch "The King"

in Royal Robe and Starry Crown

with His foot upon the Pole-star

Enthroned, coming quickly Judgment bound.

Aries "the Lamb" of God: Redeemer

looking toward Gods grand plan fulfilled

with one hand limits Satan while

upholding the redeemeds domicil,

Cassiopeia: freed Queen of Heaven

the Bride in splendor without spot

enthroned: prepared for wedding

the Lambs wife is lifted up,

Perseus: the Breaker coming swiftly

with strong sword severs Satans head

finally with chains of torment broken

his bride to Him can now be wed.

Cetus - the sea monster

chained and cast into the pit

1000 years are sealed upon him

for the rebels kingdom to submit.

Taurus: the Raging Bull

returning in Righteous Indignation

bringing destruction to ALL the wicked

and the armies of their nations,

Pleiades: spectacular though tiny

riding high on Taurus back

"the congregation of the judge"

returns with Christ to the blood-bath,

Orion: the Coming Prince

illustrated as Mighty Hunter

swiftly destroys the roaring lion

in a show of triumphant power,

Eridanus: River of the Judge

flowing forth a devouring fire

"judgment set, now books are opened"

condemned: to Lake of Fire required,

Auriga: the Great Shepherd

in Day of Wrath - His flock secured

Salvation of the Righteous

by their trust in Him - assured.


Gemini "the United in fellowship"

Messiahs peaceful Reign

the God-man, Savior-Ruler

at rest + repose after victory's gained,

Lepus "the chained serpent"

the mad, bound and the deceiver

tread + trampled by "Him that cometh"

the Lord of Hosts and our Redeemer,

Canis Major stars paint us a picture

not of dog but "Victorious Prince"

"the Glorious" "chief of the right hand"

"ruler" "who shall come" : thusly convinced,

Canis Minor "Exalted Redeemer"

"the chief" or "Prince of the left hand"

"enduring for the sake of others"

"who completes" redemption's plan.

in Cancer is pictured Heaven

where the shepherd keeps His sheep

a resting place good and pleasent

for the redeemed: "the innumerable seed",

Ursa Minor "the lesser sheepfold"

"partakers of the heavenly calling"

in a city "whose builder + maker is God

His church raptured: the smaller company,

Ursa Major "the greater sheepfold"

gathered and guarded by God the Son

that vast assembly of believers in Heaven

awaiting completion in the resurrection,

Argo the old "ship" of Zion

ending its journey - safely harbored at home

the redeemed - that great "company of traveleres"

with "everlasting joy" "and gladness" has come.

Leo "the lion" of the tribe of Judah

to establish His Kingdom upon the earth

in apocalyptic judgment destroys the wicked

their nations + kingdoms stripped of their worth,

Hydra: the great serpent

"the Devil and Satan": "the abhorred"

the mother and author of all evil

"which deceiveth the whole world",

Once the chief of Gods creations

Sinned and "kept not his first estate"

great chain bound in bottomless pit

cast into everlasting fire: predestinate,

Crater: the cup of indignation

fire and brimstone: fiery hot

poured upon Satan and his children

eternal punishment is their lot,

Corvus the raven at the Battle of Armageddon

gathered for "the supper of the Great God"

devouring all flesh great + small of the wicked

total destruction of the fallen - now done.


 All accomplished, God's plan now complete

salvation of the righteous, and the wicked's defeat,

His will was "none perish", but that depended on us

with the free will He gave us, would we love Him enough?

to keep His commandment, not eat of that tree

just enjoy all He made, a gift that was free,

but no, under Satan's subtle deceit

man had to have all, so the fruit he did eat,

but God knew when He made man, being omnicient and all

that this free will He gave us, would be the cause of our fall,

but He loved us enough to go through with His plan

though He knew to redeem us, He'd come down as a man,

live a life of perfection, die a cruel undue death

at the hand of these people, he'd created... and yet,

when raised from the dead, he'd provide for mankind

another free gift, unequalled in kind,


Salvation eternal, a fellowship sweet

a Divine Royal pardon, a clean balance sheet,

just admit were a failure to meet God's commands

trust in Christ as our Savior as His remedy demands,

receive God's Holy Spirit, and now walk in His light

read God's written word daily, to fill our new appitite,

learn first hand of God's plan, written high up above

in the stars of the heavens, proclaiming God's Love .










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Marsink commented on The Ancient Mazzaroth (Biblical Astronomy)


This is nothing less than masterful and exhaustive work that comes to us in a package of rhyme, imagery and galloping cadence. You are commended for keeping your hands on the helm and your eyes to the Stars!! This ship is guided aright for any who are seekers with their whole heart... thanks for sharing this ancient revelation in the stars: 'for the whole of Creation is declaring the Glory of God!' Applause Crescendo, Applause!!!!



Thank you brother for your applause, but of course God gets the Glory as we know. The hardest part of this for me after all the reasearch and study was to reduce it to the simplest of design in the fewest words possible. I'm happy that you enjoyed it and hope others will look to the heavens with opened eyes that all that God creates he creates for a purpose and that he never leaves us without a witness to his plan for our future Blessings.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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