Eden Revisited


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To truly know where we are headed we need to know where we've been, and the Bible is the only resource which is God's story and takes us from our creation all the way to eternity. It is facinating to study and illuminating to the soul. This poem is my attempt to teach it's earliest precepts of our origin, fall from grace, and show how God's Love provided our way back to Him. I hope it wets your own appetite for exploring the Scriptures literary treasures as it has for me. Blessings.

Eden Revisited

Long ago… in ages past,

before the flood had come to pass,

Before Methuselah was borne,

back in the garden where man was formed,


When with Creation time began,

according to God’s perfect plan,

A World; called forth so fresh and new,

of every lovely colored hew,


With lush green plants, and deep blue sky,

and red sunsets as night draws nigh,

And flowers reflecting every color bright,

some which even bloom at night,


And diamond sparkled morning dew,

which greets each new days rendezvous,

A world of color for our sight,

Wholly designed for our sheer delight.


And animals and bird and fish,

with which to fully co-exist,

And play with, cuddle, and amuse,

and some as pets to even choose,


And what of songs the birds sing sweet,

and crickets which lull us off to sleep?

And then if this were not enough,

were left speechless, and Awestruck,


For in this perfect harmony,

God daily walks and talks with thee!

But… in Paradise where all were blest,

there entered one… uninvited guest.


Among this Love of God for man,

and man for God, as God had planned,

Came one who oh… so slyly cast,

some doubt upon Gods Truth so vast.


The highest angel, through Pride he fell,

cast from Heaven, by God - expelled!

For launching heavens revolution,

Attacking his Creator’s institution.


But now “he” would exert revenge,

He’d steal mankind to God avenge,

His goal: man’s worship, his plan: seduction

His method of action: lie’s introduction.


To cause mankind to doubt God’s Word,

And obey him - he’d be undeterred.

Said he: we wouldn’t really truly die,

if from this fruit just took one bite,


But instead, we’d be as God,

and following in His steps we’d trod,

The Master of our domain said he…

But Now we’d “share” Gods Sovereignty!!!


The bait was taken, the hook was set,

he’d been reeled in, he’d lost the bet,

In greed, what Adam failed to see,

was the consequence to his family tree,


Cast from the Garden, spiritually dead,

we’d toil with our hands till physically dead,

And where our Holy nature had been,

we’d now be bent to committing sin,


Oh Adam, how I must confess,

I Envy… your first home address,

And wish in deepest retrospect,

Gods Word you’d given more respect.


For through your disobedience,

came death, and sorrow, and all illness,

Which plague us still these many years,

and brought forth oceans full of tears.


And cause mankind in sin to blame:

God Himself!, for all our pain.

But Praise God for His plan to send,

His Son: JESUS!, our plight to end,


To die for us, and resurrect,

so thru faith we’d re-acquaint as Gods elect.

And then as Gods book, comes to close,

to bring us Hope, God lets us know,


That as the Garden was in early earth,

with Christ’s return is the earths rebirth,

Where the lion will with the lamb lay down,

and be led by the little childs hand,


And everything with breath of life,

will worship God both day and night,

Now all is Peace, no more the sword,

Eternity now to be explored…

Praise the Lord.




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HarverTomsson commented on Eden Revisited


HTis poem reminds me of what was said about a certain preacher, "He began every sermon in the Garden of Eden and ended it at the cross." A good summation of the Bible story of redemption. Harv



Thank you very much Harv, it is difficult at times to speak of the Scripture's without finishing with the truth of the Hope of the cross. After all, Christ died to set us free is a perfect doxology. Blessings.

Marsink commented on Eden Revisited


Thanks for sharing God's love and plan with such wonderful, poetic skill! This is a clear picture to point to the Bible and its relevance to the plight of men. It was quite a ride to be enjoyed! Thanks for blessing us with your heart's conviction on origin. applause crescendo!!



Thank you very much Marsink for your generous praise of my own favorite poetic endeavor. Sometimes it can take a lot of study to make sure all Biblical facts are correctly represented but this one just flowed out from previous study and meditations. I hesitated to share this work as I feel my own personal bar is set higher than I can reclaim, but I'll keep plodding on Lord willing. Blessings.

Teardrops commented on Eden Revisited


I loved the wording and the flow of your poem. Your heart was truly in this write and a wonderful poem to read once a day Marie



Thank you Teardrops, this is the personal favorite of all my poems and I believe by far my best work. It flowed from the heart one night as if guided by an unseen hand.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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