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    There are so many idea's flying around about angels that I wanted to write what God's Word has to say about them. If God created everything there is, then who better to learn the truth from? Blessings, Whiskers.

    Angelic Truth

    Powerful and Mighty

    Not the myth of modern lore:

    “Of some cutesy little infant

    Winged in gown excelsior,”


    Nor the spirit of the human dead

    Nor Divinity to be worshipped

    Nor a traveling companion

    To be channeled forth exquisite,


    But created by the “Lord of Host”

    To serve our Mighty God

    Innumerable in number

    And by rank in catalogue,


    Around His throne a vision:

    Going forth at God’s command

    A great company of holy angels

    Attending the heirs of salvation,


    First the Seraphim

    With three pair of wings

    Attending to the Lord,


    With two: covered face

    Two covered feet

    + with two he flew abroad,


    Crying: Holy, Holy, Holy

    High above Gods Heavenly Throne

    Proclaiming God’s threefold Glory

    Throughout the earth below,


    Next we see the Cherubim

    Which guard God’s Throne and house

    Who are far above description

    But we’ll attempt it anyhow,


    Behold each has four faces

    And four wings for each are found

    And they travel fast as lightning

    Where ever they are bound,


    Full of eyes all round about them

    Turning not which way they went

    Straight ahead in all directions

    Dreadful in magnificence,


    God placed these at the entrance

    When Adam and Eve had sinned

    To prevent their re-admittance

    After the Garden of Eden’s banishing,


    Now we come to wingless angles

    That on man have had effect

    Whether guiding us along our path

    In spirit or human form bedecked,


    Whether protecting us from harm

    Or announcing God’s intensions

    Or fulfilling Divine Judgment

    Over paganistic nations,


    Some empowered as Chief Princes

    Though in limited personnel

    Just four names have we been given

    Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael,


    So let’s list some visitations

    Of encounters from the past

    Then ones we ourselves can count on

    Finishing with those in Scripture still forecast;


    Angels led old Lot, his wife and daughter’s’

    from the Cities of the Plain

    So the Lord could rain down fire

    Destroying all the Sodomites domain,


    Then we find King Sennacherib

    Of Assyria insults Jehovah God

    Who sends “one” angel of the Lord

    And 185,000 are dead dogs,


    And in the days of Moses

    To show Balaam of his sin

    An angel blocked his donkey’s passing

    And enabled this donkey to chastise him,


    How bout angelic birth announcements

    And declaring Gods own will

    For the lives of certain offspring

    As in Sampson’s Nazorite vow fulfilled,


    And what of Zacharia’s visitation

    And pronouncement of a son

    Naming “John” the Baptist

    To prepare people for God’s own Son,


    Then of course the virgin Mary

    Blessed by God among women

    Visited by Gabriel from heaven

    Announcing the baby Jesus birth, Amen


    Called the Son of God the Highest

    Who’s reign shall be forever more

    Who shall save man from his sin

    After breaking down death’s door,


    Then one sent Philip to the Eunuch

    And Cornelius to Simon Peter

    Another reassured the Apostle Paul

    On his voyage to see Caesar,


    Now we find so reassuring

    As our little ones are born

    God assigns a Guardian Angel

    For their protection to adorn,


    Then when we make a personal decision

    To live for Christ all our life long

    As Saint’s we’re protected by these angels

    Because to God we now belong,


    Another of their duties

    Is to gather up our prayer’s

    And present them on God’s alter

    Because we’ve access as God’s heir,


    And when our journeys ended

    And we’ve taken our last breath

    Holy angels carry our soul’s to heaven

    So we’re not alone at death,


    Now let’s look unto the future

    At the tribulation’s of end times

    God sends the “angels of destruction”

    To defeat the enemies of God,


    With their trumpets + bowls of Wrath

    Descending upon rebellious man

    All life would be extinguished

    If not for the Lord’s Return,


    So a lesson to be learned here

    Is to ourselves and God be true

    Don’t turn your back on God

    And have destruction brought on you.













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    christianprep commented on Angelic Truth


    Wiskers, Wiskers... What an amazingly powerful poem... Not only does it speak the truth but sends messages out.. powerful to the end.. with last prtion about the turning your back on God.. so right.. Amen don't do it!!!!!!! were unworthy but he wants to give us that gift, we can't get it if we turn our backs.. But its also something people needed to realise about angels and what they really are.. good job at getting that out there.. if you go to church you should share this with your church... some time... ten



    Thank you christianprep, so glad you were moved by it. After all the garbage out there on angels from mans and mystical points of view, I thought I'd try to set the record straight right from God's Word. Blessings, Whiskers.

    cutbanksam commented on Angelic Truth


    Whiskers; Quite a thought provoking write. For me it reminds me to pray more and more consciously. I will keep this as a favorite and make it a ten.



    Thank you very much Sam, I tried my best but you know it's impossible to plumb the depths of Gods Word and this was a difficult subject. But I tried to make a "royal effort" as King Solomon said in Proverbs 25:2 that "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings to search out a matter." Blessings, Whiskers

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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