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    Just a tribute poem to my mom while she is still with us in advancing age. Wrote my poetry for dad after he was gone and didn't want that to happen here.


    “Mother's” to formal and “Mom” is to plain,

    And “Ma” sounds to course like a name to complain,

    But "Momma's"... so tenderhearted.


    I remember at age two how excited I'd be,

    at the pictures drawn just especially for me,

    By Momma... so tenderhearted.


    Then later as I was to start off for school,

    a lunch box packed special as a priceless jewel,

    By Momma... so tenderhearted.


    Who came to my rescue as I'd scuff both my knee's?,

    and remind me when ask to always say please?,

    Who'd regret to tell Dad when I had been bad,

    so the razor straps snap would be spared for her lad?,

    And who would listen with patience as I'd fiddle play,

    more of a chore in the early day's I'd say,

    it was Momma... the tenderhearted.


    Who'd walk my dog Caliban when I was too busy,

    or more likely forgot so on the hound would take pity,

    Who would cook all day long with two entree's to choose,

    and three veggies and tater's and deserts so smooth,

    And who made sure I'd get to Sunday School each week,

    and cared for my soul that the Lord Jesus I'd meet?,

    it was all Momma... so tenderhearted.


    Who's voice was so young and sweet on the phone,

    new friends would all ask if she was my sister at home,

    But no... it was Momma so tenderhearted.


    Then later as I'd get my license to drive,

    and take off on travels to and far wide,

    Momma'd pray... so tenderhearted.


    And who was an example to all that she knew,

    when Dad's life was taken so tragically soon?,

    Momma... God strengthen-hearted.


    I know that the Lord had a hedge of protection,

    around your dear boy as I look in reflection.

    and thank you for those few gray hair's I caused,

    and love you with all of my heart... while I pause,

    and tell you that there could never been better,

    then to the one I dedicate this letter…

    My Momma the Tenderhearted.

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    shallenemcgrath commented on "Momma"


    Your mom is so beautiful Whiskers... what the heck happened to you? -hahahaha. I'm joking. I really love this poem. I love that the son finally recognizes what the mother did. I have a son so it is important for me to know some time around the age of 40 or 50 he will really get it.



    Thanks for the humor, I enjoyed it! I think I recognized my moms value much earlier but it took me many years to put it to paper. I'm sure your son already realizes your value even if he doesn't show it. We boys aren't generally known for being too touchy feely and free with our emotions. I think the art and practice of poetry helps to open that channel up of expression. Blessings, Whiskers.

    train64 commented on "Momma"


    W great poem and a great picture of a beautiful lady.. Well done...T



    Thank you T, yes Momma's been a peach all these years and a good example to the rest of us. Just proud to have pleased her so much with these few lines on paper. Blessings, W.

    lunamarie commented on "Momma"


    "ohhhh" ... Dear Whiskers ... this poem is just a gem ... so, so beautiful ... so, so loving ... so tenderhearted ............**Luna

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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