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    I wrote this in the depth of my illness from unknown long term mold exposure to try to document some of the horrendous symptoms I was suffering with and to share the only way I was able to successfully get an occasional reprieve. I wanted others to know that there are others suffering in unimaginable ways and to take heart as there are ways to survive it. I was never one to believe "Misery loves company" when dealing with illness as we are too stressed to contemplate others pain, but I do believe it helps to know that suffering is universal and there are others who have found ways to get through it and survive. Blessings, Whiskers


    Do you feel discouraged, has some disappointment come,

    have you lost a loved one, or has illness over run?

    Do you feel alone even, within a crowd of folk,

    is it nigh impossible, to laugh at ere a joke?


    Do you have depression, that you can not crucify,

    or have you suffered for so long, you've thought of Right to Die?

    Then let me speak from where I've been, so you will realize,

    your not alone within your fight, just look in other's eye's.


    When your deep down in the valley, of Gehenna for so long,

    the only music you can hear, has no melody in song,

    the only sight that you can see, is from the level of your bed,

    and your chest is heavy laden from the ceiling overhead.


    The pain is unrelenting, in your hands and in your feet,

    the pressure in your head and neck, are cause to grit your teeth,

    what of the wrenching in your gut, which has firmly taken root,

    like a mercenary squarely kicked you with his army boot?


    Then there's nausea that you suffer, when you simply try to eat,

    the weight loss that attacks you, when the pounds you cannot keep,

    then throw in palpations, that are threatening day and night,

    and the loss of precious hearing, and the sudden loss of sight.


    And simple pleasures: daily bathing, you no longer can perform,

    unkept and in your bed clothes now, proves to be the norm.

    Too sick to read or watch T.V., just lay ther with your thoughts,

    that cannot help but be on self, because your so distraught.


    Others try to cheer you but, you find no solace there,

    until your health improves some day, it just seems to much to bare.

    I know your overcome now, with a hopeless point of view,

    and with all your mental anguish, you just don't know what to do.


    But... remember we are not alone, within this prison of despair,

    there are many of us out there, who's comradeship you share.

    It may not, seem like a comfort, in this moment of your life,

    but others have survived this, and left behind this strife.


    But how when your despondent, can you break this master's grip,

    how, can you feel joy again, and give your soul a lift?

    Remember that the Lord above, has been through all we go,

    He has suffered with afflictions, common to all folk.


    He has pierced the vale that takes us, to the other side,

    so what do we have left to fear, He's bridged that great divide.

    Just determine you will meditate, upon God's Living Word,

    and experience the thrill of flight, reserved just for the birds.


    Get alone in solitude where, you'll not be disturbed,

    close your eye's, and recite, scriptures that you've learned,

    when you come to "I" and "me", replace them with "your name",

    so all of our God's promises, you will personally claim.


    Then move on, to read in, God's book of the Psalm's,

    read the first 3 verse's, meditate on each one,

    see how what your doing: brings a Blessing from above,

    don't rush through, spend more time, feel God's Awesome Love.


    Then study... meditating, upon Psalm Twenty Three,

    see how our Great Shepherd: the Lord meets all our needs.

    Feel your restoration, as your soul meshes with His,

    picture in your mind and soul, each of His promises.


    Imagine as it were, you're a moist soft, pure lump of clay,

    in the hands of God the potter, your now a vessel honor'e,

    then your stained in deepest scarlet, to identify with Christ,

    and glazed and fired, for your protection, for a life self-sacrificed.


    Continue meditating, visualizing if you were,

    climbing as an eagle, on warm currents of God's Word,

    lift off now from your hopelessness, and leave it far below,

    circle ever upward, on those currents of God's Hope.


    Soar above your problems, till you remember them no more,

    pray for the Spirit's filling, till your cup: runneth o're,

    ask then for forgiveness, and confess all of your doubt,

    admit that you are powerless, and trust in God throughout.


    Now that your released, from your prison of despair,

    make yourself available, and promise to prepare,

    memorize those few scriptures, used to lead a soul to Christ,

    volunteer in church, in a position that seems right.


    Go on visitation, and encourage someone else,

    get alone with God each day, to keep the "Peace of God" yourself,

    ask that God will use you now, in His service and His will,

    Remember... just what's done for Him... count's in Heaven's Domicile.






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    shallenemcgrath commented on Hope


    Whiskers, i am not much of a religious person, but I feel what you are going though. That simple desperation... They say that there are not aethists in foxholes. It is true that desperation, suffering and desire often bring us into a state where we have a conscious close contact with our higher power -whatever we choose to call it. Also suffing can bring us the gift of compassion.



    Very true, and it is that hard learned compassion that seeks to reach through a tough exterior to ease the suffering of someone else so that what I have gone through is not in vain. I'm with you on your first point also shallenemcgrath, as I believe religion is just man's attempt to placate some god by offering just what that individual is willing to do in order to hope to get some ticket to heaven. I'm simply a Christian, following Christ's example. Christianity is simply where God already provided the sacrifice of His Son Jesus as our pardon, and all we have to do is have faith and accept (on His terms) the free gift of salvation thru Jesus and we become true children of God and heirs to all he has for us someday in heaven as well as in the here an now. The Bible says without Faith it is impossible to please God. Fortunately if you keep an open heart and mind, like you said, suffering can teach how to please God by leaning on His everlasting arms. Blessings friend, Whiskers



    Although I was baptised Episcopal... My concept of God/Gaia/Ganesh...is more Pantheist... Nature and God are inseperable. We are nature, thereby we are part of God. Or as Kalilh Gibran once wrote, "we are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself." I guess that this is closer to the Native American thought process. Anyway, its what seems to be working for me.



    Thanks again for the reply shallenemcgrath, it's always great to hear what makes us tick in depth as we share our beliefs and experiences and learn more about each other. Blessings your way, Whiskers

    train64 commented on Hope


    What a great and touching piece of poetry... Inspirational.. Take Care W and God Bless You..Good picture..Train



    Thank you my friend. It's rewarding for me to try to turn my negative experiences into something positive, makes me feel like the suffering had some purpose beyond myself. The Word says "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you", an admonition I try to practice but admit runs contrary to our human nature. Blessings, W.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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