• End Times

    Poem Commentary

    Contemporary poem woven around the Book of Revelation's end times.


    Mankind worries and rightly so

    as our fraqile planet is dyinq slow

    we have met the enemy and he is us

    now were left to deal with this repercuss,

    Where man lived in balance for thousands of years

    his respect for the earth has disappeared

    in our quest for more, we've abandoned need

    and have pursued with lust, old fashioned qreed,

    The ends justify the means, and situational ethics

    corporate profits above all are Big Business rhetoric

    now what have we reaped from this seed we have sown

    what could be written on civilizations tombstone?


    Well...we've had Love Canal in Niagara Falls

    and a deadly pesticide leak in Bhopal

    Germany's Rhine Rivers seen its dump of toxins

    as has Nigeria's leaking PCB concoctions


    Besides what we've done to this land that we use

    we've polluted our air thru emissions spewed

    its effect beyond the smog that we breathe

    lies in the acid rain in our lakes beneath.


    And what of the ozone layer in the stratosphere

    the hole is still growing leaving many feared

    as it protects our skin and even crops

    the ultraviolet rays it may not stop.


    Then the baring of land in deforestation

    leading to rainfall decreases and desertification

    nuclear waste encased on our oceans floor

    and Chernobyl's meltdown in it's reactor's core.


     We've abandoned our God's directive to tend the garden

    as we left our first love and our hearts were hardened

    and what of personal choices we've embraced of late

    promotinq sodomy's lifestyle for tolerance sake


    As God announced to Judah in the book of Jeremiah

    our own conduct and actions have brouqht this upon us

    thouqh God used natural disasters in the qreat qlobal flood

    now human activity seems to execute the judgment of God.


    How ironic that we've become the instruments of doom

    that help fulfill end time prophesies that Revelation illume

    how bad will it get for those left behind

    not saved in the rapture because they were spiritually blind?


    Lets see what’s described as "the beqinning of birth pangs"

    what the sign of His coming and the end of the age bring

    we see three types of signs which can be examined

    an end-times increase in warfare, earthquakes and famines.


    Knowledge too shall be increased, but sound doctrine rejected

    creation denied but evolution accepted

    and two signs that are welcome: the Gospel preached to all nations

    and the Jews returning to Israel in unification.


    Then after the rapture of those who've trusted in Christ

    is global judgment on man as has been prophesied

    using our own accomplishments to bring about our demise

    as the creations undone right before our eyes.


    Since they've rejected Gods Divine highest office

    they will suffer under the devil, anti-christ and false prophet

    and as the "Seal Judgments" are opened up by the Lamb

    we learn of war and destruction and great famines in the land.


    We see one quarter of earth's population destroyed

    the sun darkened, moon reddened as a Great Earthquake's deployed

    then thirty minutes of silence high up in heaven

    precede trumpet's blown by the angels of seven.


     The first rained down fire till a third of the earth was burnt up

    then a third of sea life and ships were gone real abrupt

    a third of fresh water poisoned a third of the heavens went dark

    man's stung and tortured five months as demons from the Abyss disembark.


    Another 3rd of earth's people killed, by a huge army amassed

    half of earth's population now gone, and Lord's victory announced

    first half of the tribulation is finished, 42 months left to go

    the "Great Tribulation" now starts with the pro-nounced third "Woe".


    Mark of the Beast now taken by all but Gods own

    horrible sores broken out on the beasts followers alone

    next the sea becomes blood, and all sea life has died

    then fresh waters affected, and turns to blood now likewise.


    The sun goes out of control scorching, so fewer men now are left

    but daylight hours are shortened to protect God's elect

    the earth is plunged into darkness as their pain is in tensed

    yet they harden their hearts more toward God as they refuse to repent.


    The river Euphrates dries up allowing the kings of the east

    with two hundred million to cross into the middle east

     then the seventh bowl of Divine Wrath is poured into the air, 

     It is Done!,  with flashes of lightninq, thunder, and an earthquake severe.


    Jerusalem's split into three as other nations collapse

    islands and mountains destroyed, total carnage at last

    huge hailstones that weigh 100 Ibs. fall from the sky

    changing the surface of the earth under those huge blocks of ice.

    Now the merchants of earth mourn, as Babylon is burned

    destroyed in one day because, true God they had spurned

    now Satan attempts his last tactical move

    gathering the worlds armies against God's Chosen Hebrews.


    When out of the darkness, with eyes aflame of fire

    mounted on a white horse comes Christ in full attire

    His vesture dipped in blood, His name the Word of God

    He's come to smite the wicked nations with an iron rod.


    Followed close behind are His armies out of heaven

    riding on white horses, clothed in fine white linen.

    With crowns upon Christ's head, He's come as King of Kings

    with His sword the "Word of God", all are slain instantly.

    And the Beast and the False Prophet, in the Lake of Fire were cast

    and Satan in great chain' in the bottomless pit at last.

    He'll remain throughout the Millennial Reign of Christ, 1000 years

    Then released for a short season till God who devours them appears.


    Now he's cast in Lake of Fire where the beast + false prophet are

    to be tormented day + night, forever and ever... similar

    now the Great White Throne Judgment where all in Hell stand before God

    when not found in the Book of Life, the Lake of Fire their travelogue.


    Finally comes the "Big Bang", Creations cleansing funeral pyre

    New Jerusalem descends to earth, throughout eternity acquired

    no more tears, or death or sorrow, no more crying, no more pain

    no more darkness as the Lamb of God is the light of this domain.


    Here's our hope of life eternal, revealed to us in God's book

    and the promise of "A Blessing" to all who read and take a look.

    No, if saved we'll not go thru it, for the rapture happens first

    so lets share God's Word with others, so they'll not end up accursed.

    what you need are sins forgiven, that's provided thru God's Son

    when you trust in His Salvation, your new life has just begun

    then you live each day in eager, anticipation of the rest

    for we know Christ's coming quickly, then when home our soul can rest.

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    Teardrops commented on APOCALYPSE


    A compelling poem and it makes us stop and look at time and how its running out we need to get ourselves ready for when he comes he will not accept an excuse . Great poem my friend Marie



    Thank you Marie, your right about being prepared for our future. This was one poem that was more difficult to write as it's not your sweet feel good poem but one that I felt needed to be written. Blessings, Whiskers

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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