4 O'Clock Sharp


4 O'Clock Sharp

you said to meet you here
at 4 o' clock sharp.
I am waiting, have been waiting
and yet, you do not show.
I should have learned by now
that all boys are the same,
but then I sense a presence
in the time before you wrap
your sunkissed arms around my waist.
you breath on my neck,
raising a wave of gooseflesh
along my spine.
in the small window of time i can pull myself together,
you whip me around, setting my unruly curls eskew.
I look at my feet, you pull my chin to meet your eyes.
such lovely eyes, green with flecks of gold,
surrounded by a shag of hair the hue of molten caramel.
we are but a scant inch apart, and I see a faint
dusting of freckles across the bridge of your nose.
you smile the smile that I love, a hint of the dimple that I adore.
you give me no time to speak, not that I could.
you lean in, rest your forehead against my own.
I entwine my fingers in yours, and I ask,
"I thought you said Four O'Clock Sharp."

Copyright 2009

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RagusChaos commented on 4 O'Clock Sharp


Ok this one I completely love. My hats off to you.. the feelings the thoughts the emotions and the images you capture are picture perfect

Richisfun commented on 4 O'Clock Sharp


I thought i was reading a 40 yr old persons experience here ! A super job, a definetly 10, keep writing my dear--rich

Griff commented on 4 O'Clock Sharp


I really like this poem, captures the angst of love, it flows real well, and the imagery.. I could see you standing there... beautiful

SilverGirl commented on 4 O'Clock Sharp


This poem is very nice.. I like how you carried your emotions to the climax of the theme. You patiently awaited for your ture love to appear.. At last, he shows.. you are not angry, but lovingly ask why he was late. Unconditional love.. it is priceless..I am also impressed that you did not feel the need to rhyme all the time.. Great work! Always in my heart and thoughts. Silver Girl

kmooney commented on 4 O'Clock Sharp


Wow Fubar, I like this poem a lot. It's very well written. Flows nicely. I can sense your anticipation throughout. And the imagery you use is fantastic. Is this a first love? Are you nervous? Do you really like this guy? Will it last? All a lot of questions for someone so young. Keep it up girl... your doing a wonderful job so far. I will definitely read some more... K

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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