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Most of the time I try to stay upbeat, and not feel too sorry for myself...but sometimes a person can't help but ask questions that can't be answered for a while...

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How can things like this happen to people like us?
Is it because we invest too much trust,
into something we can't see, hear, or touch?
Or is it something we do to lessen our luck?

Is it all a test to push us to our limits?
To make us see the truth to our secrets?
Make us rethink the lives we are living,
or make us stop taking, make us start giving?

To help us grow humble and selfish no more,
our spirits so low, now starting to soar.
Our lives before empty, now full of meaning.
Before we were deaf, now hearing and heeding.

To what's being said in the midst of the message,
something so tangible suddenly vestige.
You reach out and touch it but grasping thin air;
you see it, believe it, but nothing is there.

You trust in your faith and decide to accept
what you think is true, the dots that connect.
You agree to let go, you resolve to choose,
what else do you do? You've got nothin' to lose...

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jj1562 commented on Q & A


Amazing I truely loved it. It had true meaning unlike most things that come out of we wee teens mouths

angmccallum commented on Q & A


OMG! Can't express the way your words touched my heart. Not because I personally experienced them because they were simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

jesusfreake commented on Q & A


awesome! very powerful and smooth as well...the flow is amazing and very awesome at that...lol...this one is excellent!

stever commented on Q & A


i really like this kinda stuff ..makes u think kinda thing..my stuff was really writein to be songs..and where songs ,,in 90s



i wrote Underneath into a song...it's a little harder to compose songs on the piano, though, rather than a guitar. I really want to learn acoustic.

AmadeusEx commented on Q & A


amazing vocab for anybody much less someone your age...keep writing, this was incredibly poignant and very deep, loved it, its a ten from me

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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