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    Now, I know this makes, like, no sense. Maybe you've seen those magnetic words in a coffee shop, or on a fridge. We had to form this poem without the access to certain words. But it is important to me because my dad and I wrote it together. Please, read this before you go comment crazy and try to correct my grammar. IT WAS MEANT TO SOUND LIKE THIS.

    Dad and I

    Toy with mystery.

    Monkey like a happy monster.

    Listen because Mom says to.

    Dream where adventure dance,

    Laugh together with love and silly friends.

    Thunder cloud for awesome music,

    Make a good team.

    Leave small town fast.

    I ate a green banana sandwich,

    believeing my joking through the winter.

    Cats bark funny and her horse meow.

    Dad never said fishing are easy.

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    RagusChaos commented on Dad and I


    I don't think it's as random as you note makes it sound... makes sense to me but then agian no one ever said i made sense either. What threw me off more than anything was reading the note ahead of the poem. Now that confussed me..



    Ohmygosh, I'm sorry! I only meant that to be something to let people know that it wasn't bad grammar or punctuation or anything, ya know? Sorry it threw you off so bad!

    Applepie commented on Dad and I


    Awesome, I love this, girl, I was a daddy's girl too. I love your style of poetry, very mature. I look forward to your book

    SilverGirl commented on Dad and I


    Giggle. this is too cute.. totally random thoughts.. ah, but are they really as random as they seem? seems to me a secret code between a girl and her daddy.. I love this.. it put a smile on my face.. not typical in how it is written.. is what is so good about it.. abstract .. it is an art form as well xoxo I love it fufu and I love you too baby girl xoxo

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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