Don't Be a Pedophile


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This is a poem for all the pervs out there in cyberspace. Leave the kiddies alone! I want friends, not f*** buddies, okay?!

Don't Be a Pedophile

People say I am mature for my age

Reread my profile before trying to engage

in an adult conversation that is bound to construe

I am underage, you should not try to woo.

No matter what I say

you should not try to charm

regarding my age you shouldn't downplay

I am impressionable, easily disarmed

And you will take advantage

of my sweet naivete

I mean, who's the adult here?

My innocent mind will be led astray

by your not so innocent motives

my psyche forever altered

nothing you say can make me forgive

what my now scarred mind will be able to conjure

So what I'm saying is just stay away

meet someone your own age

I just want to make new friends

I'll leave it up to you to be the sage.


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phatdaddee commented on Don't Be a Pedophile


Thought it was a poem about an actual pedophile but you mean perverted intentions! Good idea but the people who will pay attention to this and take heed aren't the ones you have to worry about so just stay away fromm anyone who wants to bridge an unapproachable gap! Make sure everyone keeps it simple and poetic.

SEVEN commented on Don't Be a Pedophile


I totally like this poem.......Kudos It gives the pervs heads up that you will not fall victim to their prey, all the youngons should feel this way but don't miss interpret my convos as one of them.....I'm only here to make friends--young or old...thats is why I joke alot, regardless.... Good write

DennisScott commented on Don't Be a Pedophile


I love the title. That is a great message. two thumbs up.

shelby101 commented on Don't Be a Pedophile


that is so good! keep on writting! this is so tru

Richisfun commented on Don't Be a Pedophile


Very good ! it is about me i know, u just did not want to tell me ! lol keep writing, u are funny

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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