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First of all, yes. Ponderation is a word. It means "the act of weighing". Weighing of thoughts, of rights, and of self reflection.


I know I may not be perfect
Im told that no one is
I know I'm not an angel
But not a complete delinquent

I know I may be selfish
I know I can be rude
Brutal honesty is a quality of mine
That is often misunderstood

I'm not an outstanding student
I'm not a star athlete
I'm not into drama or chess
But I'm proud to say I don't lie, steal, or cheat.

I've done things I'm not proud of
A time or two around
That doesn't mean I'm a bad person
And when I speak it's not just sound.

Not just words formed from my lips
To speak for the sake of speaking
I'm not saying my words are profound
And sometimes I am attention seeking

I look for what every human being
Looks for in their life
Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness,
Don't I have these rights?

Just because I'm not 18
Do these rules not apply?
Does it mean our forefathers words
Are really just a lie?

Call to mind the word "inalienable"
What does it mean to you?
To me it means rights can't be taken away
And words aren't misconstrued.

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Redhead505 commented on Ponderation


Unfortunately, it seems that the world never takes anyone under 18 seriously. I can't count the times I've heard a younger person's argument invalidated by the words of an adult by rolling his/her eyes and saying, "Ah, she's just young". You do have the rights, but no one ever got their civil rights by just asking for them.

Olan01 commented on Ponderation


Ponderation, good title for a poem about a search for self worth, my friend. Inalienable means non-transferable to another and I would say you have earn those rights by birth. Well thought out poem; love, peace and freedom, Olan p.s. send me a message when you post a new poem and I will be by to read it.

leigh14 commented on Ponderation


ooooooooooo O_O i like it! a lot! good write ^.^ keep up the great work love!

angelchaser commented on Ponderation


Very good, foobar, I like this. First poem of yours I've read, I"ll be reading more:)



wow. first poem ever? lol prepare to be amazed. jk, im glad you liked it :D

Sx9 commented on Ponderation


why ponder,,when you are already a grown child and the world is at your finger tips,is it too much for you,words we make into stories and they never lie,constructed to inform and never ponder,,nice vibes,,mistakes are what make us strong if you have the nerve to admit..

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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