Caveat Emptor


Caveat Emptor

Stop, go
Yes, no
Is a decision that hard to make?

Hot, cold
Young, old
How long can your contemplation take?

Hard, easy
Nicely, meanly
You will toy with my feelings and emotions no more.

Dirty, clean
Hidden, seen
What skeletons hide behind your closet door?

To trust you would be naive and foolish,
Your charm and wit not enough to compare,
Our relationship a flower bud destined to flourish,
I must dive in head first, unheeding to "beware".

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Papa commented on Caveat Emptor


If you never hit your head on the rocks you are sure to jump in without looking. Take it from an old fart with to many knots to count any more, take a moment to look under the surface before you jump in. Liked your poem



i definitely regret jumping into this situation now :,(

Forestbird commented on Caveat Emptor


You are ovesom, you right:). I wish my grandson have such self confidence. Good luck to you on your poetic path.

dahlusion commented on Caveat Emptor


direct and honest with poetic brilliance and dynamite delivery. BRAVO !!!!!!!



wow. thanks. coming from you, that means a lot dah :)

themommyof2 commented on Caveat Emptor


Great contrasting words. Sounds like a normal; day in many lives

RavenBridge commented on Caveat Emptor


Way to go sis. You capture to torment and feeling of being torn between to decisions...



i think you know who this is about :/

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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