There is nothing for my empty heart to do
but watch the leaves fall to the dew
covering the grass, so brown and dead
watching it fills my soul with dread.
For you have torn my heart in two
with your power you finally slew
this heart of mine, thought to be so bold,
now broken and cannot be consoled.
I see you about with your new flame
it shows me you know naught but your game
you make fun of love, so real and true
but in your heart you always knew
that I was the one you belonged with evermore
and for that very reason therefore
I shall let you go like the leaves that fall
never abiding to your endless call.

Copyright 2009

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WhisperingWind commented on Leaves


I like the way you put emotion into what you write, so young yet so strong...very good, keep up the good work!

Artie commented on Leaves


It's amazing how so many can feel the same thing. This is the kind of poem that many people can relate to, because we've all been there. It hurts every time...

DirtyLilSecret commented on Leaves


Im in love with this poem. Thats accually the type of form i used when i wrote a long time ago.. Now im more into revealing things:) This is an amazing poem though. Its amazing you can release your feelings like that..

SilverGirl commented on Leaves


Wow.. this is very touching and very deeply heartfelt. You have a wonderful way of reaching your emotions and acknowledging them.. Now to learn to let the negatives flow through you and back in to the universe.... truly touching.. love is a very strong emotion.. unrequited love even stronger.. I commend your strength and use of words to express your self.. SilverGirl xo

Dimoyas commented on Leaves


You dread him going, he was there and left with another, but still calls? Could be a case of mistaken perception in the 3rd degree. Could be... thats my perception anyway. Nice rhyming flow though.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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