I Am Me


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Okay, so I don't normally write poems like this. I was in school at the hospital (no one freak, it was routine stuff), and the teacher approached me. Every year, we do a project involving all the students. Most of us are cancer kids (I'm not so lucky (seriously, I wish I had cancer over what i have. If you must ask, please email me, don't leave it in a comment)...anyway, most of us are cancer kids, so we all get to know each other. This year we are doing something with poems, so I said what the heck. She had a sheet with lines on it. Each line started out with I am... or I think... , etc. I tend to do more rhyming things, so I thought this would be a nice change.
Love and Peace,

I Am Me

I Am Me



I am a sarcastic and pensive young woman


I wonder about what will happen in my future


I hear the whistle of the midnight train


I see the trees swaying in the bitter cold breeze


I want with all my being to be somewhere, anywhere else


I am a sarcastic and pensive young woman




I pretend that I am a different me


I feel like I am a heroine in a grocery store novel


I touch the blistery scar of the port catheter under my skin


I worry about so many things and yet nothing at all


I cry often when I think about the hand I’ve been dealt in the poker game of life


I am a sarcastic and pensive young woman





I understand what you’re saying when you don’t make sense


I say things without thinking if they make sense


I dream my gargantuan dreams only I can dream


I try to reach among the stars, and fall somewhere beyond


I hope to enjoy my life as it is


I am a sarcastic and pensive young woman

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LoveDeeply commented on I Am Me


Poetic Justice, Yeah. Keep it flowing :) I loves it.

JayJ420 commented on I Am Me


just like poetic justice.....keep your head up and eyes forward....

themommyof2 commented on I Am Me


That is a very well worded piece about how much life can push you down, but you remain fighting to stand up. Shows the emotions and confusion that many have to live with.

nonners commented on I Am Me


wow-you are talented yong gal. great read. well writtin. reminds me of..me

Artie commented on I Am Me


Nice piece - It shows your struggles, but most importantly, it shows your beautiful spirit. 10 from me

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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