The Woman Who Stares at Goats


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My friend is literally OBSESSED with goats. As in, borderline addicted. She asked me to write her a poem about goats/her, so here it is!

The Woman Who Stares at Goats

Goats are more than just animals to you
Goats make you feel like your life is complete
The way they chew cud gives you the chills
And how they frollic around your feet
Kicking their tiny hooves up into the air
Walking around, dropping little round turds
Bleating and blubbing with not even a care
Making you feel like you're part of the herd
Nibbling on your hair, chewing your clothes
Until they tire, curl up in your lap to doze
They are you children, your life, your best friends
They will be with you up until the end
For you are the Goat Whisperer, The Woman Who Stares at Goats,
Better than George Clooney, because of all that you devote
Your life, your love, your money, your time
Goats are what makes you you, defines your entire soul
For something that fullfills your existence all of your lifetime
Goats are what make you whole.

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jyothi commented on The Woman Who Stares at Goats


It's a real simple interesting poem to read. Enjoyed a lot.JY

kpeery09 commented on The Woman Who Stares at Goats


This is interesting, but good very good. Keep up the good work, I like how you made it rhyme with the ways of goats thats what makes it interesting.

Mandi commented on The Woman Who Stares at Goats


I loved it! Noow here's a poem that no one else will probably write. It's unique. that's one of the things that make it great. and it rhymes too.

winterkou commented on The Woman Who Stares at Goats


so this write wasnt inspired by the movie The men who stare at Goats- hilarious but then again i wrote a poem about a opossum.

ApaqRasgirl commented on The Woman Who Stares at Goats


oh I loved this, that was so sweet and cute write, and so true about goats, I used to have a couple of them myself, and they attach to you like kids.....thanks for this wonderful poem love ahs

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