20 Things You Don't Know About Me


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I just felt compelled to write something about my quirks, but I couldn't get the wording right. So here's this instead.

20 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.I love dancing to upbeat music when I'm doing the dishes.
2.I like wandering around the grocery store, for absolutely no reason.
3.My favorite drink is a sugar free Irish Cream vanilla steamer no whip.
4.I don't give a hoot if my clothes match, as long as I'm comfortable.
5.Even if I'm 16, I do like hanging with my folks. Most of the time.
6.Call me a nerd, but I love school. Except sciece. Mostly. And Math.
7.I like bright colors, expecially green and blue. Neon colors.
8.I'm absolutely obsessed with butterflies. It's unhealthy, really.
9.I have a collection of stuffed pigs. I sleep with them every night.
10.I have a pink sequined cowboy hat. Don't ask.
11.I love using funky words, like poppycock and conniption.
12.I am proud of my heritage. Nothing wrong with being Scotch-Mexican.
13.I have an absurd laugh. I burst out with this loud "ha ha ha" and then slap my hands over my mouth.
14.I hate it when people are mean to handicapped people. As in hate it enough to smack them.
15.I despise smoking. I love when I can tell them off, which unfortunately isn't that often. Only when they're in front of a hospital.
16.I can never keep a straight face. Even if I'm in trouble.
17.I read a LOT. An irrational amount. It will most likely be my demise.
18.I wish I was born in a different decade. Which one I can't decide.
19.I can cross one eye at a time, both together, AND wiggle my ears. At the same time. Well, not the crossing one eye thing, cuz that would hurt. And It's impossible.
20. I have an aptitude for remembering song lyrics. It's creepy, actually.

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PoetWithCancer commented on 20 Things You Don't Know About Me


I remember song lyrics real well. It helps. I'm a singer. Singing on the stage isn't like karaoke. They don't show you the words. // I like it that you have a good heart, and care so much about handicapped people. // Don't worry, reading isn't going to kill you. You like it, you love it--do it! Reading is another way of living. // This isn't a poem, but it was funny, witty, moving, and full of charm and meaning. I'm giving you a 10 for this very enjoyable piece. // --Michael LP, Mr. Poet



Thank you, good sir! :)

Chaos128 commented on 20 Things You Don't Know About Me


I was gonna ask you if you wanted to play a game of 20 questions, but now... ha ha JK. Original.

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