Don't take this personal


  • Anger

    Don't take this personal

    I am not impressed about Obama who he is or what he did
    I am so disappoint in our people that it brings my heart to tears
    Another black man or woman to acquire something great
    I just want representation to put something on my plate
    I think of Clarence Thompson and the color of his skin
    And the fact that he has done nothing but sit there and pretend
    We have black congressman and woman who own companies and stock
    yet still I cant find a job and I have looked under all the rocks
    The hell with opportunity and I have felt the way it knocks
    I fill that it was yesterday that my boat landed on the docks
    Yes they keep on building jails to put my people in
    And if you ask for amnesty you wonder if you sinned
    they stole from us our history and killed the elders of our tribes
    And when they raped our women and children they taught us how to survive
    Now we turn our heads and close our eyes to what to be our fate
    Another heaping potion of pig guts on our plate
    Don't talk to me about prejudice and that it's old and dead
    Where I live just hung a man in a jail and no one cares
    Well I will end with my favorite political strategy defined as Benign Neglect
    And I dare you to look it up it put the first hair on my chest

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    AnnointedNebula commented on Don't take this personal


    OKAY! Keep it real and keep it coming. You definitely have a gift in writing in poetic form. I am looking forward to having the time to read all your works! I've read a few and was moved by just those.... May God continue to use you and that you stay in His will.

    cajunscooter commented on Don't take this personal


    Wow you really put it out there which I respect very much.I like people who are able to speak thier my and what is in thier heart. Dwayne AKA cajunscooter



    thank you for your comments

    BoSweets commented on Don't take this personal


    Very nice write, you gotta read Do you see what I see Peace BoSweets

    scotslad60 commented on Don't take this personal


    Politics is all the same and so are those who enter that shadowy world.

    jypseygal commented on Don't take this personal


    I think your words are an example of the power of words to express and find a voice in a world of pain and sorrow. I know your words are true for many, yet there is higher enegry levels to tapp into and guide you away from the desperation in your your life. Those of us that have experienced injust treatment have more challenges as we look for a better way to connect with God within us and attract the positive energy of life to support us as we step forward. Rejection, abandonment, abuse, disrespect and other low frequency behaviors are directed to all cultures and races, and it is true that some have endured more than others. You words are important to us and give us awareness to keep our hearts open so we embrace man kind with compassion and empathy while holding each other accountable for breaking the negative patterns and walking in the light. Thank you for sharing.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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