I remember


  • Emotional

    I remember

    I remember

    housed inside this shell of mine dependant on everyone that I see

    Im in a place surrounded by people who always talk to me

    I cant understand a word they say but yet they seem to know

    What I need and when I need it and what I need it for

    I have arms and legs that I can control and my knees move me along

    But when thing get into my hands they say I done something wrong

    I try to feed this hunger of mines and put things into my mouth

    But still it seems that I done a bad thing and this is hard ti figure out

    I’ve seen something that they have done that often interest me

    And all that it is within all of my years I just want to be free

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    Madelynn commented on I remember


    To be inprisoned within ones self-can be a very dark, hellish place. Sometimes we cannot control where we have to be physically, but in our mind-we have that choice, always. The ability to transcend anywhere. When we become a prisoner of the mind, is only when we are truely trapped.- I think this piece is amazing, powerful, and strong! A definite read for all poets! greatjob.



    peace and blessings dear lady thank you for the support I look forward to reading your work

    ISWASALWAYS commented on I remember


    I remember a memory reading between the lines we thirst and hunger for truth, freedom of speech an honesty of heart. Nice right my new friend.

    Rhymer commented on I remember


    Don't we all just want to be free, nice write. Loved the baby picture on your home page cute guy.

    Robtaylor commented on I remember


    nice poem. I can relate to the people who always seem to know what you need and need to do even more so than they know what they themselves need.

    snowfire commented on I remember


    Makes one think of all the things that we need freedom from. This reminds me of my children when they were young. We all need to learn to find our way. Great poem

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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