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a writer i am, a writer i will forever be, currently residing in tennessee and working at toys r us and an undisclosed call center, i graduated from knoxville college in 2008 with a bachelor's of arts degree in communications, my lifetime goal is to write a book of poetry and be a well-known radio dj like ryan seacrest or jojo wright. i enjoy writing b/c it soothes the soul.


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Hey there- just lettin' ya' may want to change the font size when you's kinda small. Keep up the good writes and I'll keep readin'!

boomboom56 profile comment


Thanks for friendship nod. I see that bluberripie is one of your friends. She has been a God send for me and my son. From your picture, you look like a happy person. Peace.

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

RettaJ’s Poems (68)

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Title Comments
Confessions XVII 0
Confessions XV1 0
Confessions XV 2
Confessions XIV 1
Once Was Had 0
Confessions XIII 0
I Will Never Understand 1
A Single Mother's Prayer 0
A Mother's Love 0
What Would It Take 1
They See... 1
What I Need From You... 2
Pieces of You, Pieces of Me 2
Why? 7
Let Our Love Be 3
Let's Talk 1
Confessions XII 1
Confessions XI 1
Confessions X 0
Confessions IX 0
Confessions VIII 0
Confessions VII 1
Confessions VI 1
Confessions V 0
Confessions IV 0
Confessions III 0
Confessions II 0
Confessions I 0
Stuck 3
The Lone Flower 1
Standing In The Middle Of The Field 2
I Am (Part I) 2
I Am (Part II) 2
In A Cold Dark Place 3
The Caf' 0
Never Again 2
I'm Not Scared Anymore 1
Sweet Temptation 1
I Still 0
Until We Meet Again 0
Contagious 0
Awkward Relations 0
And So We Divide... 0
Love Me Because I Care, Hate Me For My Stare 0
"Untitled" 0
What Do You Do? 3
What Shall I Do? 1
Boom Baby Baby Boom 2
A Place Called Home 1
Two Ugly Ducklings 1
Power Struggle 1
Kinda Girl 0
The Girl From Around The Way 6
I'm Sorry 6
Gone Away 3
Someday 1
Beautiful People 3
Un-Rape Me 4
You Did Everything... 1
Look At Me Now...Look At Me Then 1
Listen To The Sounds 2
Ain't Got Time 3
U-Turn, Me-Turn, We-Turn 4
Change 2
Don't Turn Away 0
All You Got Is His Right Hand 0
Fly Like An Eagle 2
Rise Up 1