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  • Location: North Brunswick, NJ
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I began writing poetry in the sixth grade . . . from there I branched off into songwriting. While the two are classifed as different forms of art, I seek to bridge the gap between them by using literary forms and techniques to bring a new perspective on the art of poetry and of songwriting. Most of my pieces are in free verse, in fact, I believe that the rhythm of words and the flow of thought are more important than following a set rhyme scheme. I believe it to be very impersonal to attempt to rhyme. My rhymes happen on accident . . . which I enjoy. My topics are usually rather personal and cryptic . . . later submissions will mostly likely support this statement. I rarely write political pieces unless it is something that affects me to the point of expression. I'll also apologize in advance for not reading everyone's poetry immediately . . . it's not a personal or egotistical thing . . . I just have to be in a certain mood (i.e. I don't feel like making art today . . . that rarely happens.) I do however promise to talk to anyone and reach out as much as possible.
Ironically enough, two of the three submissions, "No Mattress In The Park" and "Transontinental Desperation" are actually songs. If you would like the hear the musical renditions of these pieces, please visit

I appreciate your support and hope to make new artistic relationships and comraderies . . .



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Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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Title Comments
Around the Corner 0
Spontaneous Combustion (Trouble, Danger) 0
You Have Been So Swallowed 1
Being More Christ-like 1
Salty Seas Bring Me Back 0
This One I Actually Wrote For You 0
Never Trust Wal-Mart Employees With Y's In Their Names 0
If I Gain You to Lose My Own Soul . . . 0
South to Shore Points 2
Bodyguard with Benefits 0
In Search Of . . . 0
The Fall of Salem III (The Last Offense) 1
The Fall of Salem II (The Forest) 0
14 0
Discipline II (Cross-Examin
Discipline 0
The Aftermath of Slumber 1
Memoirs of Malfunction (Part II) 0
Alone In the Dark 1
Insomnia 0
Exit 9 2
Salty Seas Bring Me Back . . . 0
Cue Ball 1
Withdrawal 2
Memoirs of Malfunction (Part I) 1
The New Portal II 1
The New Portal 1
Emptiness 1
Hwy. 37 1
The Silence 2
Missiion Briefing/Stal
l Out
The Fall of Salem 1
Apology 1
Arsen & Overseas 2
Stranger's Rendezvous 1
Lead Her Not Into Temptation . . . 2
Death on the Expressway 1
Romeo and Juliet 2
The Depths 1
Dissertation on Addiction 4
Interstate 5 1
The Knowledge 1
The Plummet 1
NorthWest Dreary 2
Warmer Thoughts on A Cold Walk 2
NJ Turnpike 5
tal Desperation
No Mattress In the Park 3
We The People 3