Ghostly Blender in my kitchen


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    Today our brand new blender came on by itself. We think its possessed or something.

    Ghostly Blender in my kitchen

    Roaring thunder in my kitchen, oh when will my head stop twitchen
    Turning on with no one around
    It grinds and grinds into the ground
    Brand new appliance what is wrong
    When will this noise stop its song

    Roaring thunder in my kitchen
    Grinding thunder should stop this twitchen
    Around the bend I walk around
    and a ghostly blender is what is found

    Roaring thunder oh so bright
    I hope this noise will stop for the night
    Who is turning this thing on
    As I turn around this noise is gone

    Roaring thunder is its name
    This ghostly blender is its game

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    justme8495 commented on Ghostly Blender in my kitchen


    I like this.. It sounds like you had fun with it... Altho might be true just hearing it in the backround has happened.. Tell me weather true or not..



    it was true it happened yesterday the blender came on by itself and it wouldn't go off until we unplugged it

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