Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation


Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation

Bloated, Talking Head
By Weak of Mind, His Words Fed
Read a Book Instead

          Polarizing Prick
          Born Again Christian, So Rich
          Panic, Dread, His Niche

The Face of Fox News
Ever Since He Gave Up Booze
Rupert Murdochs Muse

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angelchaser commented on Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation


Hmmm, perhaps I should write something like this about Kieth Olberman.

gmcookie commented on Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation


Lol... Well writ, my friend. If the truth be told - I have never seen nor heard him. Not even one time. I do know who he is and the role he plays, but I am immune to these things. I don't even own a TV set! Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to read books... hehe There are certain advantages to not having your head pumped full of lies and social programming all day long. I mean, it's easier to think for yourself that way.

rsalassi commented on Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation


I shall be briefer than Ein Stud in complimenting the creator of these haiku, but just as adamant in my approval. My poem, I'm told, resembles sort of a hollander sonnet (13 lines containing 13 syllables) but it, too, has a rhyming scheme. In both our cases, I say the message outranks the messenger. I really enjoyed your compilation.

EinStud commented on Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation


So far, I cannot see any way your poems cannot be rewritten for improvement. Spelling is right on the mark. Syllable count is great. Let's read the third poem, untitled, "The Face of Fox News One"...(This should be good)... This poem made me realize something: You are rhyming. Haiku can do well without rhyming. I did not notice this in the first two poems, because your words flowed naturally, not forced. Poem 3 is showing examples of forced rhymes, and this one could be rewritten. The purpose of the haiku is to set forth your feeling and emotion, not be cute and comical (as your subject matter, Glenn Beck, seems to often be). You got 2 out 3 from me. Get some titles in there (I like to make my titles 5 syllables so later they can be turned into songs). You did become Glenn Beck in your poems, and as an artist that is really quite an achievement. Good Luck on the future (if the economy doesn't collapse first and we are all camping out in our front yards!)

EinStud commented on Glenn Beck (Haiku) Compilation


Polarizing Prick One... It is interesting that name calling does bring out a feeling, but it also polarizes the poem. Could it be that we are all humans, and we do the same thing? Are we all like Beck? A great poem asks questions. Your poem does that. Line 2 is judgemental, in my interpretation. What is wrong with being Christian and rich? What is right (right... ha ha) about it? But your home run is on your Haiku conclusionary line, line 3. I cannot agree with you more that Glenn Beck uses fear to promote his agenda. But fear is a human emotion just the same as love. Thank God no one uses LOVE to promote their agenda (tongue in cheek).

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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