The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega


Poem Commentary

This poem was inspired by the CSB Story 'The Deadly Passage of the All-American Canal'. 'Over 550 People Have Drowned in What One Expert Calls Probably the Most Dangerous Body of Water in the U.S.';contentBody

The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega

Congregate Friends,
and I will spin you a yarn
Of an immigrant named, Alejandro
He's a father of six,
and a man of good standing
Calls his home, Ciudad de Puerto Penasco

A north Mexican town, 
a border town at that
Violence and Murder, were rising
How do you protect a family,
when you've lost all hope
And without your morals compromising

Alejandro devised a plan,
but the road alone he must take
He's headin out, north to the border
He exclaimed to his wife Maria,
'If I dont come back"
'Never you forget me" he ordered

He loved his six children,
and kissed them all long
Left with all the food and water he could carry
He peers over his shoulder,
to look one last time
To know this could be the last made him wary

For ten days and nights,
he worked his way to the border
Mexican desert days are a scortchin'
Alejandro took ill,
But he must make good time
If caught, the Cartel would easily torch him

His devotion paid off,
In view, the All-American Canal
He mustered the strength to celebrate arrival
Little did he know,
that the story would go
Soon he would be battling for his survival

The other side of the canal,
freedom within his grasp
Just a few yards he needed to be a swimmin'
As Alejandro jumped in,
He paddled with all of his might
But soon his strength began to a dimmin'

Alejandro fought the good fight,
but his body gave out
his last thoughts turned to his wife and his children
Tears covered by the waves,
Fear escaping his mind
His final thought...never again would he hold 'em

The first reservoir in the canal,
collects the bodies of the dead
Of all of the souls who perished there before him
Alejandro's body was pulled out,
On the American side
Finally at dusk, he'd found his freedom

At the All-American Canal,
Hidden away is a gravyard
Where the body of Alejandro Vega lays a rottin'
Hundreds of graves numbered,
all go by John Doe
A cemetary for the souls of the forgotten

The children asked Maria,
'What happened to Papa'
He left us about this time last season
She looked in thier eyes,
and said 'Babies he'll be fine'
She couldnt bare to tell them the reason

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HIP13044b commented on The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega


I think that if ever I wanted to be published for a particular poem, this would be it. Fantastic job!!!



Thanks so much HIP! What an amazing comment, humbling, and brought a smile to my face. Peace and Love, and Happy New Year to you and yours. ~Spence

Bobbie876 commented on The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega


beautifully written.....sad but a great story of the hopes and dreams from another perspective....nice social commentary

rsalassi commented on The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega


I read and commented on this poem long ago (when I was Corey1Hillen), and reviisiting it only ceements my endorsement. It was excellent then, and it remains so.



Thank you so much my friend for your kind words and endorsement, it means a lot to me. Peace and Love, Spence

bjenkins commented on The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega


This is sad, but in alot of ways, its also truthful. We don't always want to see things in life from another perspective do we?



Thanks bj, exactly right, I am not necessarily trying to pass judgment here, but just show another side people dont always take the time to see, and you can come to your own conclusion. Trying to make the reader think. Thanks again. ~Spence

stellar commented on The Tragic Tale of Alejandro Vega


COngratulations Suspence for the deserving win!...I love the narrative,,,it is interesting and it feels like i am reading a good short story,,,and I like it because it is shorter but the impact still remains...I love the video...who sings that song? it's like coldplay...^_^ v



Thanks stellar i'm glad you enjoyed it, and you felt the impact of my words. That song is by Radiohead, it is called 'Let Down' off the Ok Computer album. Much better than Coldplay haha, Coldplay has a tendency to rip Radiohead off a lil. ~Spence

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