• Love


    What's the only thing that can cut sharper than glass.
    Shards of your heart.
    The moment I saw your face, and listened to your sweet words,
    I fell afraid,
    I saw myself broken into tiny pieces,
    Shattered on the floor,
    Picking up the pieces wont be easy,nor can they be repaired,
    Is it destined for me to be alone,
    or will I be broken hearted, and given the key to lonliness.
    If I had wings i would fly to you.
    I can't be without you
    Without you I cannot breathe, every breath seems to hurt with each exhale.
    I long to be held, to be loved, but love seems somehow to pass me by,
    As I pick up the pieces, I cut my finger, I stare at life as it leaves my skin
    Tasting its essence, I know that I am real, and then the pain comes as swiftly as the cut.
    I only want to be loved.

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    Athena1989 commented on Broken


    nice pom ma it came from your heart and your time will come just wait

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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