The Rain


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    The Rain

    Tiny drops of tears and elliptical dreams gently touch my face.
    The flowers devour the gift of miracles that the creator allows me to see. My conscience suddenly becomes clear and i dare to breathe.
    Mother earth blessings surround me, both she and I are one.
    Do I dare to raise my head toward the gray clouds and feel her caressing showers on my face, my lips, my tongue.... must I go on.
    Embrace me and drown me with angel tears and the tears of the the earth and that of the sun.
    Suddenly, just as quickly as the showers come, so swiftly do they go, I am alone, drenched in the tears of angels, only to open my eyes to a new world clean and pure,for the time being...
    As I embrace the gift of the rain,
    I find that I am human once again, judged by others, scorned by most,
    When will the rain return.

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    BDIsernhagen commented on The Rain


    What a trip! I realy enjoyed how you set up this poem, with all the shift. Your images are clear, but not to clear, and thats a good thing. A question though, being from Japan, do you write poetry originaly in Japanese, or English?



    Sometimes it really depends upon my feelings. Poetry has many different languages

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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