I Am Poetry



I Am Poetry

From the softness of my delicate fingers I write through my pain.
My feelings are placed on paper to reflect my happiness, lost. longing, love, and gain.
You know me from my words, but the person within is far more complex.
Physically I am strong, mentally we all are capable of something so wrong.
Poetry bleeds through paper and infinite lines,and devastates boundaries
Share my pen if you will,
enter at your own risk,the meek, the deaf, and the blind.
Words are meant to be heard, as music is meant to be played,
What sound will your pen make when it thrashes against the pavement of the world?
For all of the poets who wish to be heard, or wish to rated with a kind word,
speak with your heart and your mind will follow,
allow yourself to enter the dimensions of lust, love,happiness, and pain,
because you are poetry, and your message will be heard again.

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quise commented on I Am Poetry


BEST POEM I EVER READ I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL YOUR WORDS i can understand what your saying about yourself as a poet i love this poem your a great poet

WordSlinger commented on I Am Poetry


lol, What a poem, That's what I'm talking about. This poem needs to win, my fav part is enter the dimensions of lust, love,happiness, and pain, How true how true

bforibus commented on I Am Poetry


this is absolutely perfect. the flow grabs you and carries you through this metaphoric maze wonderland. great job

BeverlyMichaels commented on I Am Poetry


This is the BEST I've seen of you yet. Very descriptive and intellectually done--Bravo! I couldn't have done better myself- this is truly original to me and I love it! My first ever given (10)!!



thanks Bev. I think everyone has a little bit of poetry in them. Defining what your style is, is extremely important.

Richisfun commented on I Am Poetry


Ok listen china, you want a comment ! This is the best bar none! u out did us all on this one , can i have yr aotograph ? and your first copy, Please !

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

Unknown Source

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