The Dance


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    The Dance

    Can you hear the rhythm of the drums,
    the morrochas,
    the guitar,
    making love and music together.
    I grab your hand and lead you to the dance floor and whisper in your ear.
    Follow my lead.
    As you put your arms around my hips, the music embraces us,
    we become one.
    Slowly we become infatuated with each others presence, and there seems to be know-one but us.
    As the drums play , my hips sway as well, slowly but elegantly enough so that you are guided by the sweet scent of lavender.
    Now we are face to face, eye to eye, movements are slower,
    there is no movement at all.
    And then the music stops...
    You draw your own conclusions.

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    kkirkwood commented on The Dance


    Continue your dance cause life will always give a chance for true love from above where your feet can learn an everlasting beat.

    Pat007 commented on The Dance


    Very good poem. I'm impressed. I love the ending. But never asks me to draw my own conclusion(s). You might get my poems Loss of Innocence Parts I and II... LOL

    StandingBear commented on The Dance


    No movement .. a sensual frozen embrace not to be broken until the next dance song begins. Great write.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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