Forgive Me Not


  • Longing

    Forgive Me Not

    You have me here waiting for you,

    Come as you are and show me you’re true;

    The cigarette burns without my breath

    As the daytime slips into the horizon;

    Angels live defeat while demons have glory,

    Remember me and write me into your story;

    The highway burns from the distant sound and

    The crashing waves beat me down some more . . .

    I fall over you and help you come for me, angel . . .


    You have your story, now you have a tale,

    Into the tide this ship we sail,

    I pull you from your life as you pull

    Away and stumble forward into my cage;

    Worlds collide then start again,

    We both knew love once when we remembered then,

    You walk away and take me somewhere and

    My walk spins in your control as you let go . . .

    Come for me and I’ll fall after you . . .


    Shed another tear and lay out your heart for me,

    Shed your clothes and you’re naked I see,

    For you I’ll fall for all to see,

    And you’ll run and hide from me;


    I’m with you where?

    Through this door I’m walking bare,

    You wear down my nerves

    But you wear them so well,

    Brought down and spinning

    The way I want you with me,

    For all I’ll fall into you and come

    For us to see . . .


    You’re the queen of the province,

    I’m your humble serving prince,

    Fall for me and all to see, angel . . .

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    poetheart87 commented on Forgive Me Not


    This almost screams pain and love and hurt and desire. I love the emotion in this poem. I think this has better prose and style than your last poem I read did.

    Goldielox commented on Forgive Me Not


    Your poem is beautiful. I totally feel what you are saying.

    jypseygal commented on Forgive Me Not


    I feel your sadness and wish for you a day of contentment and a heart full of gratitude for the gifts in your life. Very touching expression with strong projection of emotion. Thank you for sharing.

    graceladymn commented on Forgive Me Not


    Depth of feeling, anguish of LONGING, for some it makes it easier to write, for others it makes it more difficult. I know these feelings, it seems they are transmitable, much like a disease of the heart or the soul. Not sure where they began or end or who started it. I get stuck here, stuck, you know how that feels? Bottled, not poured like I want to be, it began with falling, at the moment is stuck.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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