Oceans of Time


Oceans of Time

The blood is the life . . .


The blood is the life . . .


The blood is the life . . .


Do you believe in destiny?

You who I prize among all things on this Earth;

I believed you dead and could not live on,

So I promised to rise from death

With the dark powers of love . . .

If you truly believe,

Then the powers of time

Can be altered for one purpose,

But you must believe;

The luckiest one who walks this Earth

Is the one who finds true love,

But I ask you,

What devil or witch was as great as

The blood that flows in these veins?


The blood flows over my memory,

The blood,

The blood is the life and it shall be mine;

The blood is the salvation,

The love of life that nourishes me . . .

Everlasting death;


My tears have fallen all the ages through,

Without you my life is misery at its best;

I watch from the dark red sunset than

Ride a stallion across the night as a ring

Of fire guards the gates of lost love,

It shines in my eyes of hollow light;

I fear my own vengeance for the dead

Travel fast, I cannot even sleep with my

Love for it is old and has so many bad memories;


You are as fresh as the grass on a

Spring morning, all of me has died;

You are the light of all lights in a life

Of darkness, your tears are timeless

Diamonds in my hands, you are a

River filled with sadness and heartbreak;

Empires of the world fell and mans

Deceit took you from me but our love

Is stronger than death;


See me now . . .

I am the eerie shadow that haunts a crowded room,

Hypnotized by your invisible caress;

I am the lone stranger on a crowded street,

Haunted by your sight;

You say you have loved but I too can love,

And I will love again;

I have come over seas of crashing waves,

Run through the maze of my

Love in the rain of my tears,

My love is the mist over a frozen lake,

The spirit of forsaken passion,

Let not my gaze offend you over so much time;


See what I see,

Feel what I feel,

Love what I love,

You need blood,

Blood you must have,

Blood is the aphrodisiac of the soul;

I will give you heaven beyond vast forests,

Majestic mountains, lush vineyards,

Gowns of flowing white

Showered in loves light;

Oh, my flower of such frailty and beauty,

Somewhere to be,

Found somewhere else;


You do not recognize me but you do know me,

A voice in a dream you cannot place,

Around the corner on an empty street,

On a desolate plain blowing through your hair . . .

Somehow, I will be there;

I am your servant needing a cure

For my enchanted sickness;

In the mist over the moon,

I speak to you in your waking thoughts,

I have crossed time everlasting to find you,

Your memory has been with me all along,

Dead but not dead, and now I have found you;

Do not fear me,

I am only the monster that

Breathing men would kill;


I wander in darkness among

The stars beyond the stars;

I will bring you from shadows into light,

Baptized by my blood,

You dance among the candlelight,

Now sleep under my power . . .

But alas, I cannot condemn you to

A life of my silent rage,

My eternal hunger,

I cannot allow you to live in death,

A devoted disciple,

A listless follower of love,

Confused and lost,

But without you there is no life in this body,

I have sailed oceans of time only

To arrive at this sad homecoming;


I’ve lost my religion,

Look what your god has done to me!

Do not put your faith in such symbols of deceit,

Or the same love that betrayed me;


Close your eyes and listen to the children

Of the night, they make music so sweet;

The clouds have eyes,

They see how we’ve all become gods

Madmen, we’ve put our beliefs before

Love that is true, all but me;


I have no choice, I am your slave,

Do not run from my love so wicked,

The master of all life is at hand

And my love is in flames,

My blood flows so thin and blood

Is so precious in this bloodless age;

Walk with me,

In your hands I will put

The powers of the storm,

I will give you knowledge beyond

Belief my virgin blood,

My love to die for, only to rise again,

Somehow you and I will be together

For all of eternity . . .


Over mountains overlooking seas so wide,

Across deserts to forests so thick,

Sailing on the wind that blows so warm

In your face, in the eyes of the people in

Your life, on the rain that bathes your soul,

In the whisper heard from inside your dream,

Think of me, call my name,

Do not fear my love;


I let go of my life and gave the world

Tonight to guard your sleeping dreams,

I may have died but I’m still with you,

Now as always;

I can say no more,

Only that I love you,

My love immortal . . .


The blood is the life . . .

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graceladymn commented on Oceans of Time


Intense, powerful, majestic in tone, quality, delivery and substance.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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