Love Bloody Love


  • Devotion

    Love Bloody Love

    I walked one hundred miles

    To hell on broken glass

    And shook hands with Satan just

    So I could kiss your ass;


    I’ve danced with Pandora

    Under a bloody moon

    And have filled my sails

    With a raging tycoon;


    I’d run down a cougar to be

    With the one I want the most

    Or run one thousand miles

    Just to hold you close;


    I’d do anything just

    To stand next to you,

    Still you turn away from

    What you know is true;


    I swam this dark

    And mysterious lake

    And still my love

    You will not take;


    I’ve left my home,

    My native roots

    And climbed this mountain

    And licked your boots;


    I faced down a cobra

    And skinned his hide

    Then I walked through the

    Sahara and nearly died;


    I’ve faced armies,

    Disease and starvation

    And walked the darkest

    Side of every nation;


    You were cloaked in your

    Dark shroud of eternal mystery

    While I stood naked and bleeding

    In the middle of loves debris;


    Just waiting in the post

    Mortem of erotic despair,

    The hollow eyed people had money

    But no sympathy to spare;


    I climbed an electric,

    Barbed wire fence

    And still your love

    Remained so tense;


    My spinning, sorrowed,

    Suicidal desperation

    Almost turned into homicidal,

    Sexual frustration;


    A rabid wolf wouldn’t

    Stop me from trying,

    A fool searching for truth

    While everyone is lying;


    I’ve driven against the

    Blowing, poisonous wind

    And have been knocked on my

    Ass and just sat and grinned;


    Death stalks me

    Everywhere I go,

    How to win your love,

    I’ll never know;


    A woman mistook my accidental

    Orgasm for ecstasy,

    I thought it was good until

    She asked me for a fee;


    I traveled south to

    Wear a Colombian necktie

    Before I jumped off the Sears

    Tower and tried to fly;


    The stormy clouds have

    Always filled my head,

    I went to Jamaica and walked

    Hand in hand with the dead;


    I’ve played with lightning

    And swallowed thunder

    And wrestled crocodiles

    In the land down under;


    I’ll trudge through the

    Arctics freezing snow

    And bloody my hands just

    To let my love show;


    I swear I would do anything

    For your selfish, bloody love,

    Even surf with sharks in

    An impossible body glove;


    I would give up

    Medicines healing staff

    Or rip off my clothes just

    So I could make you laugh;


    Tell me what it takes

    To make you see,

    What suicidal stunt would

    Make you look at me?


    I know that I can’t

    Just be myself,

    You would just kick me in

    The balls and say, “Go to Hell!”


    So I crawl one hundred

    Miles on bloody slivers

    To find a lover who’ll

    Give me shivers;


    I haven’t found a

    Goddamn thing yet,

    A mouth full of blood

    Is all I can get.

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    Worthless commented on Love Bloody Love


    i must have read this along time ago, but apparently didn't comment, which is odd. probably was tired from being out on the road.. I like the way you write your poems especially with sarcasm... i write mine with truth and sarcasm too and sometimes people dont like that.. But with this one, i can relate to most of it. if you read some of my poems, you might understand. Keep writing.



    Thank you. This was written in anger after having my heart broken. I'll read some of yours and leave comments in a while.

    cmlestrade commented on Love Bloody Love


    Well you'll do a lot for the love of your life but just love yourself a little bit more. This was very cute and I hope just humor ,because no one would demand this of anyone. Marvelous writing

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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