Mystery of a Woman


Mystery of a Woman

I look into her eyes and see the

Vast expanse of the summer skies,

I’m just another fool wondering

Of the mystery behind those eyes,

I follow from a distance,

Afraid to take from the tree and eat

Of the fruit that will make me see,

It’s strange what the sight of a woman

Can do to the soul of a man;


She rises with the dawn of day and

Breathes deep the crisp morning air

As the morning light illuminates

Her soft and lovely hair,

Then she smiles and I see

The sun shining before my eyes;

She stretches and walks toward the sunrise,

She gives me a long, deep gaze

And I see a Blue Iris standing alone,

Shining above a field of beauty;


Her voice is the breeze blowing over

A sea of blue and I can hear her

Laughter as the waves come splashing

Upon the virgin shore on a

Fresh spring day,

A rainbow glows above my head;

I hear her name whispered as the

Sparrows take to the air behind me,

I see her tears on the dew sparkling

Upon the spider web as the sun

Shines over this newly lighted land;


She touches me and I feel the magic of

This world tingling down my spine;

In her face and upon her delicate,

Smooth skin (like the placid cloud

Sailing in the warm color of the sky),

I can see the mysteries of the

Universe laid before me;

I run my hand over the grass blowing in the

Midday wind and I am filled with her light,

Her truth, the meaning of my life;

The secret of love is carried on her scent,

Her beauty rises far above

The words I write about her;


I try to fill her needs and my name is fool,

I try to show her my soul and I am blindness,

Stumbling through the light;

I let her feel my heart so weak and my

Tears fall as I kneel in the dark,

I try to love her with all my strength,

But I’m just a man;


She is woman,

The mystery that man loves her for . . .

The fire of life glows in her eyes,

She holds the temptation of truth in her hands,

See the wonder of the world

In everything she touches;


She is the wind blowing through my hair,

The dreams spinning in my head,

The lightning playing upon my soul,

I swim in the sea of her love

And dance in her rain as she quenches

The thirst of man and watch in wonder

As life springs forth from her womb . . .

I kneel in worship as she bears this world

Of man on her ever strong shoulders;


Now I reach for this tree

And taste of the fruit and see . . .

I see the beginning of another mystery . . .

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fathermadness commented on Mystery of a Woman


truly a beauitful poem i just love it good job i am going to save to my fav

ruach commented on Mystery of a Woman


You can only see in another the Truth of what is within you. You are a most fortunate man. It is a wonder to reach down deep and set your soul free in words. I like your poem very much!

Kelee commented on Mystery of a Woman


I think your poem is lovely and I believe this is how most women would wish their men to see them. Thank You for the value you place upon us.

Ocean4u commented on Mystery of a Woman


Hello,I loved your depth, actually it shocked me a lil in a good way.Big smile

wanishi commented on Mystery of a Woman


It sounds like the girl next door! This is a long but interesting poem. It carried me smoothly until the end as I looked for more of this "truth" (understood well by men) about the magic moment of looking into a woman's eyes. Thanks for sharing!

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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