Whispers of a Dream


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    Whispers of a Dream

    Wings of steel sail across the blue expanse,

    Leading the vapor trail to the light of the sun;

    So high, free from madness and sin,

    A lone angel dares to fly on this creation

    Of man, the wind cleanses my mind of all

    That is less;


    The lonely one lying below sees through

    My eyes and embraces the liberty I thought

    Only I had found;

    I close my eyes and embrace the clouds,

    Alas, no clouds to embrace, but I imagine

    What lies ever so high beyond this vastness

    Of blue;


    I turn away from the darkness of the human

    Mind and break away from the anger and hatred

    That eats from the inside;

    I open my arms wide, breathe, then open

    My eyes, there is no sky, I think I’m in space,

    I gaze around me, then the wind carries me

    Sailing back into the sea of blue once again,

    But the world is left far behind;

    I, alone, go forward into this undiscovered

    Unknown, still clinging to a glimpse of a

    Dream come true, and then I look and finally

    See . . . and I . . . the unworthy . . .

    Close my eyes once again . . . and reach . . .

    And touch the edge of heaven . . .

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    cripfemme commented on Whispers of a Dream


    Clinches... Can you describe the sea as something other than blue.

    am2anangel commented on Whispers of a Dream


    Awesome poem very vivid images painted with your words. I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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