Hoping it was you


Hoping it was you

as the mist falls
i see your face on the window
i walk by your house
as i do
i think about you
im wishing that you were still here
i'm sorry you left
i'm sorry i cried
i didn't realize that i was holding my breath
until someone called my name
i looked around hoping it was you
i looked twice
but i realized that it was just my imagination
hoping you had come again
i started walking again
and get the feeling i'm being watched
i turn around
and see you staring straight at me
but then i made the mistake of blinking
because when i did,
you vanished
and in your place was a couple walking hand in hand
I turn back around telling myself
that i've got to forget you
i've got to stop hoping your always still going to be there
everywhere i look
\everywhere o go
everything people say
every thought that passes through my mind
reminds me of you
you're always there
every one i see I'm always
hoping it was you.

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laydbak1 commented on Hoping it was you


It's always hard to get past what we cherish most in our hearts about someone, or some thing we've grown very fond of... even if in the case of someone, they may not always be so deserving of our desire they be part of our lives as we'd hope they were... you did well to give this a good bit of heart on the subject... well done....

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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