Haiku Tangent: What Does It Really Mean?


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    Haiku Tangent: What Does It Really Mean?

    She lives happily
    HappIly ever after
    After the sunset

    Sunsets are naive
    They will steaL your soul and leave
    Leave before sunrise

    Sunrise tries toO hard
    It impresses, then discards
    Discards the Viewer

    So look at nEither
    This is what she said to me
    Me, unhappily

    I loveD the morning air
    I loved the warm evening
    Her, I could not love

    Love Her decently
    She took that away from me
    She would believe

    That n(i)ght did deceivE
    After days when she received
    Hope beyond heR dreams

    Dreams are like sparkles
    They light up, then leave you there
    There in midnight's air


    Air that does Not care
    For her or my own welfare
    Too, she left me there

    There, tO vent madness
    Madness that became sadness
    When she left me there

    Left there unaware
    That I secretly did not care
    Much for her soft touch

    Touch her and feel life
    When she left, I payed the price
    Price for happiness

    Happiness is deaD
    When she left, she took its head
    And tore it to shreds

    As she watched slowly
    It died like the lowly
    Giving in whOlly

    Now she sang sweetly
    Of triumph and victory
    To wiN against me

    Poor uncertainty
    Decided tO befriend me
    Gone is Luxury

    Luxurious lives
    Find happiness in disguise
    Disguising happy

    She lives happily
    Happily ever after
    With her eye's rafTer

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    ginga commented on Haiku Tangent: What Does It Really Mean?


    Kaiprin. Intersting collection of haikus here. I like the nature ones most probabbly because the intention of haiku isnature. However your freestyle form later on is a great attempt to tell a story of love gone wrong. I will rate a 10 for creative efforts at a stanzaed haiku verse that flows well. ginga

    Helios commented on Haiku Tangent: What Does It Really Mean?


    This is very new to me, an collection of haikus forming one narrative! The theme is a bit sad, but when I see the tag "life" I understand. I wonder if we can truely reach "happiness" ?

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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