Look Through Me


  • Life

    Look Through Me

    Memories, they steal my sleep
    Dismissing, why I keep
    So many of them away from you
    You’re in one of your moods
    When up is down on any day
    Hope will help me find a way
    To believe that believing can save
    Me from the edge so I’ll behave

    I can see you sincerely
    You look through me unclearly
    Are you the truth or a mystery
    Am I happy or living miserably

    If the palm of my hand has a plan
    I won’t see it unless it’s grand
    I’ve thought it was someone’s scam
    To pull me into their quicksand
    No and Yes both mean nothing
    When I say that I’m still searching
    For an answer to my disposition
    Or someone with more intuition

    I can see you sincerely
    You look through me unclearly
    Are you the truth or a mystery
    Am I happy or living miserably

    Anxiety came to comfort me
    Into my head, it comes to creep
    Is there a strength to learn a way
    To compose myself to face another day

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    Teardrops commented on Look Through Me


    You are searching for love and deep down you know you already have it and you are afraid ot act

    Dianajj50 commented on Look Through Me


    Turmoil in this poem....unrest.....i feel it...good job....you captured the emotion

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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